Magnificent bedroom design for your beautiful space

Good morning my dear friends, today I want to share with you a great bedroom design which I design. So, today in my article you can read the amazing title. I called this bedroom project a Magnificent bedroom design for your beautiful space. Why wait let’s start with this amazing design.

What do you need to know about this functional bedroom design?

First of all I want to say that this bedroom is very functional. For the reason that I was thinking about the future of owners who are thinking about children. Namely, I came up with the idea that the part you will see where the closet is can be turned into a children’s corner.

Magnificent bedroom design
Magnificent bedroom design

What is special about this room is that this is a large bedroom. But, the important thing I want to mention is that you can combine this for smaller areas. What is special about this room is that this is a large bedroom. But, the important thing I want to mention is that you can combine this for smaller areas. Of course, anything is possible if done precisely and to measure. Here the style is dominated by eclectic combined with mid-cenutry.

As you can see I had to match all the colors and details so that the space could be shown in the best way.

The room is dominated by three colors, of which beige is the base color. Then blue and pastel pink, which is the most reliable color in rooms like this. You know that sometimes large space is a problem. And those are, mostly colors and only then details!

This is a special part for you, my dear ladies…

When you enter the room, the first thing you see is the bed, and only then do I reach for the other details. That’s why I chose a large king-size bed to sleep in this space. As I mentioned the bed frame is done in shabby chic style. Because when you have a bed like this in the room, you don’t have to “exaggerate” with the details.

Since you probably met me and my style and taste for beauty during this period. I thought of every detail, and that’s this part for dear ladies, too. Where I placed a decorative mirror, a beautiful commode with an even nicer design. Which is meant for you my dear ladies. Each of your likes to look in the mirror while going out for work or work. And to have a huge closet with all possible details.

Since you, my dear ladies love gold details, that part to highlight. I painted it green, a little darker to accentuate this part. And again to fit in with the rest of the space. When designing, or decorating any space, every detail is important.

Here is a space in the room, one small corner to sit and read some magazine or a good book. The chair is a small neutral, white color. The chairs are a design of period furniture, in order to pack everything beautifully, I added a vase with roses.
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The chest of drawers under the mirror was made in shabby chic with the decoupage technique. Truly the best technique for decorating your previously purchased furniture is this one.

Possibility for another room, hm ?! But how?

At the very beginning I wrote that the place where the closet is is an extended part, for one simple reason. Of course, that’s if you’re planning on having a baby. So that you don’t run from one room to another here, you can place a cot instead of a closet. And make a wonderful baby crib. Plus, it won’t take up the rest of your space. Because in that part there is approximately 7 m2. Which is a very great idea.

Magnificent bedroom design
Magnificent bedroom design

A picture on the wall above the bed, but also above the seating area with a cup of tea and a good book. There are images that allow for a sense of pastime, and relaxation. The curtains are there to give a striking look to this space. Of course, I also meant relaxing on TV. So we have the ability to watch television in the room. Everything is planned in case your guests are accommodated in the living room to sleep.

Magnificent bedroom design

The plants in the room are located in the rest area because they are there to make the room look nice. But you too to feel relaxed and to recharge the energy you need. The owner, who wanted a room like this, told me that if we decorated her room like this. It will never come out of it, hehe of course a little joke.

In addition to all this detail, I could not put another chandelier in this room. I wanted to keep my attention on the other details. Because if I had put a big chandelier with some details, all the attention would have been focused on the chandeliers.

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