Luxury kitchen design: What do you need to do?

Hello my dear friends, today I want to share a few steps what do you need to do for luxury kitchen design?! So, here today you can have a kitchen like from the magazine with only a few tips! Do you have a kitchen which is small in large space or large in small space? Did you buy a kitchen in a color you don’t like? Or do you have a kitchen that is not functional?! Today, you can get awesome tips for all these questions! Let’s start with these great tips, which I prepared just for YOU!

Here are few tips on what do you need to do for luxury kitchen design!

I would start with advice on changing the color in the kitchen. It often happens that sometimes you start renovating a complete kitchen, and the one in the stustina just needs to change color. So as I told you at the beginning of the year, some of the following colors will be popular. You have it down in the list below this paragraph!

  • Marble kitchen;
  • Blue mint;
  • Olive green;
  • White is always in trend;
  • Purple with gold;
  • Dark Grey with golden details;

As a first step you need to change the color of the wall, if you have some white and the kitchen in a darker color. My recommendation is to play around a bit now, paint in a light cappuccino color. Now imagine, cappuccino color and metallic gray color, or some colors like: orange, green, and purple. And make sure you do the wall in a greasy color, which you will be able to wipe off and which is resistant to moisture.

Luxury kitchen design

As a second tip my recommendation would be to insert more silver or gold (brass) items in your kitchen. Because, these two colors as details will make your kitchen look like you paid a few thousand euros. Because really, when you combine color and some of these two metals you get a kitchen like from a magazine. With the next detail, she definitely becomes that.

With this next or third step, you can make literally every kitchen look like it is from a magazine. You need to buy a decorative molding in gold color. Or better yet, buy an LED bulb in the strip and stick it with hot glue.

Change the colors of your atmosphere in the kitchen

The next step is flowers in the kitchen on the kitchen island. Yes, if you follow me on Instagram @mr.leohodzic you can see that I’m on stories. In the story, I did a survey of what a monochrome kitchen looks like with and without a flower arrangement. Indeed, sometimes it is enough to pick from the garden or buy in the flower shop a wonderful bouquet.

Here is a classic kitchen in a combination of Scandinavian style and classics. And we just set up one bouquet of flowers, you see how much the whole kitchen actually got a new story. Now cover this vase with flowers with your hand or fingers and look, compare. With and without flowers. Of course, it can be real flowers, it can be plastic or even paper. Or simply some figurine to which you are sentimentally attached.

The next step you need to introduce in your kitchen is some beautiful rug in floral arrangement. Of course, I mean some floral pattern, to create an interesting contrast.

Luxury kitchen design
As you can see, in this picture you can combine colors and create a real little luxury in your kitchen.

Of course, you have a million other tips, so that I don’t waste your time, feel free to write to me by email or on Instagram for consultations.

In the end, I left a very interesting piece of advice that, many avoid. Surely you are wondering what is the advice that can make the kitchen in full glory ?! Um … these are curtains that are short (colic length and window) when it comes to narrow and long kitchens.

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