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Luxury interior design with three or more colors in 2020

Good morning my dear friends, this morning I’ll talk about luxury interior design with three or more colors. Why? Because some of you send me a message to ask can I have more colors in my e.g in the living room or in other rooms? And how it looks like this idea? Can you help me, Leo?

How to match three colors or more?

Today in this modern world there are always 100 questions why do and 100 answers why don’t. Why I wrote this above, I wrote because I have a lot of experience on how to edit something.

That doesn’t look literally said colorful and overloaded with colors. Now in the next picture I will tell you what I as a designer would remove/change in this room.

Luxury interior design with three
Pictures from @interiors_dd

Tip 1: What I would definitely change here, which “closes” this space a lot. Is this brown built-in closet in which they installed the stove there I would put the green color that is on the chairs and so complete and open the whole room. I make it bigger visually.

Tip 2: But I think it is very kitschy and more eye-catching. And as soon as you enter you look at it first and not at other colors and pieces of furniture.

Tip 3: Here, the shelves in white would be very extra, so I would also paint the walls white. I think as a designer that this idea definition would refresh and direct attention to the whole room.

Luxury interior design with three colors

Tip 4: Definitely wall shelves would Octavio in this design, it looks wonderful, but the floor tiles should be white modern of course.

Pictures from @interiors_dd

Tip 5: There is definitely a lack of green in this room to complement the color of the chairs. Artificial or live flowers are missing in some of these corners. For example it could be a philodendron or some big green flowers. Here it is missing in the room as the design would not change anything.

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Luxury interior design with three

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