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Luxury bathroom design: Everything that you need to know

Hello, my dear friends! First I want to say thank you for yesterday because you like and comment on my first luxury idea for a studio in a luxury home. Secondly thank you because you share my design on your social network accounts. Today, I want to share ideas for bathroom design. It is a sponsor of a company that has been making luxury sanitary elements for bathrooms for more than 40 years. My title for today will be Luxury bathroom design: Everything that you need to know!

Let’s talk about great new interesting trends in the bathrooms area

Luxurious bathrooms with special golden details, however, have contributed to the fact that standard white bathrooms can be turned into something better and more luxurious. It is important to know that today almost every home can and does deserve such a great luxury room. We are all stars in some way. And since we are the stars of our lives, we deserve at least a bathroom to be luxurious, just like in a dream.
Luxury bathroom design

If you want your bathroom to look elegant and luxurious. According to the latest trends, designers recommend the following color combinations.

  • Black and white;
  • Rose gold and white;
  • Marble white;
  • White and gold;
  • Marble in any other colors and more.
This and all other pictures is from this month sponsor PURE Banyo collection from Turkey!

Our brand, which was established in 2014 with the name Pure Bathroom by going beyond the ordinary in bathroom products, expanded its product range with its new name in 2017 and is proud of reaching thousands of bathrooms around the world.

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This one of thousand decorative sinks for bathrooms.

In their product range, you can find the highest quality sanitary ware, of which the most famous is the pure collection of toilet bowls. Built-in cisterns, decorative sinks, shower cabins, kitchen and bathroom fountains and much more for the home. This looks so beautiful!

Trend #2: The reasons for choosing gray for your bathroom are obvious. Gray is soothing and easy to match. Warm grays, such as greige, can keep a bathroom from looking cold. Greige is also a perfect choice to complement a wood vanity or trim in the space and with brushed silver fixtures. Use lighting and accessories to complete your high-end gray bathroom look.

Trend̆ #3: The animal pattern is very popular this year for bathrooms. For example: leopard patterns and zebra pattern. Of course, there is certainly a marble pattern for which the number of orders is increasing every day.

Luxury bathroom design
This is Pure Collection 2020/2021!

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Here I also leave you the opportunity to download the catalog, so you can have a better view of this luxury brand. Only what you need to do is clicks down on this button, and you can see all great products from this company.

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