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5+Living Room Makeover Tips in 2020

Good morning my dear friends. How are you, I m fine. And must say healthy. Today I ‘ll write about Living room makeover Tips for 10 minutes. Seem’s so easy.

Will you join me on this interesting adventure? Yes-No. Yesssss, so it’s time to start.

There are plenty of quick and inexpensive ways to give your room a new look.

If you’ve got a few minutes, you’ve got time to give your living room a whole new look.

I will start with the questions from my clients.

Q1: My living room is small and I have many things in it? I ask for your advice. Can you help me?

In this question, my client has a huge problem. Because, she has a very small living room with large details. But I have great tips for you Jess.

T1: Rearrange the FurniturePull the pieces away from the walls, reverse the placement of the sofa and chairs. You might be surprised at what a big difference moving a few things around can do. It will feel like a brand new space and you won’t have spent a penny.

T2: Replace Your PillowsBelieve or not, when I replace my old pillows for the new ones I get a very great living room.

Also what is very free and very easy to change or replace in your room is to paint your table. If you have some pint in the garage, whatever you color have. Just do it, change your style.

T3: Style Your Bookshelves This one is for you, dear Jess! I know you love to read books.

Stack books horizontally and vertically, layer in other accessories (photo frames, decorative objects, small floral displays, etc), and create vignettes that are pleasant to look at.

Living room makeover tips for Bookshelves

T4: Design your living room in Cozy style

Do you ever hear about the Cozy style? Maybe some of you yes, maybe some not. So, when your friends ask you: Did you hear about the cozy style? Now, after this blog post, your answer will be: ” Yes, I heard about this, I heard from Leo” defines cozy as “snugly warm and comfortable“.  Notice how “small” isn’t in the definition. 

I think the synonyms of cozy help get an understanding as well.  Synonyms include “snug”, “comfortable”, “warm”, “homey” and “welcoming”.

Cozy living room ideas for makeover.

Chunky knit blanket

What is the Chunky king blanket? Hm…

Chunky knit blanket, throw blanket, 100% merino wool. Soft and warm merino wool blanket from 100% pure merino wool.

It’s super soft, breathable and natural.

You’ll feel the softness and silky nature of the blanket as soon as you touch it.

It warms when it’s cold and adapts to temperature when it’s hot.

If you adore these blankets they are 100% wool.

It’s time to check out these wonderful pieces from my dear friends from Serbia.

Below are some of their photos. Like more about them.

The unique experience of touching Merino wool was the motif for us to embark on this adventure. BiBi is a small family business set up with the aim of pointing up your personality through our hand-knitted products.
Bibi wool shop
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Shop this so nice and soft Chunky Kind blanket.
Follow BiBi on Instagram

This Chunky knit blanket is very nice details inside your living room.

Other than being soft, warm. It is great as a detail in your room both in the living room and especially in the bedroom.

Especially in the winter days, when we are at home reading a very great book, we have a blanket over us, a cup of hot coffee or tea. I wonder if there is something nicer?!

The next, very popular tips for Living room makeover Tips for 10 minutes is…Rearrange the Art

For a quick but dramatic change, move all the art in the house to a new spot

Here are little tricks on how you can Hang Art! The very first step in hanging wall art is choosing the proper placement for each piece.

But when you’ve got a very large abstract canvas, choosing where to hang what is often the most daunting task. But here some very great video for you.

And finally Living Room Makeover Tips for 10 minutes

Buy some flowers for your living room.

Philodendron is particularly effective at helping clean the air we breathe. To take advantage of its air purification qualities for a healthier home environment.

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