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Living room ideas for decoration in 2020

Good morning, my dear friend. How are you, I’m fine thank you. Today I m going to write more about living room ideas for decoration.

Because in the last 2 days I got a lot of messages when I write something about decoration in the living room.

Maybe, some ideas on how to decorate living rooms. So, I’m ready to write about my little tricks and tips.

How to choose the right decoration for your living room?

You have to consider paint colors for the walls, what kind of furniture you already have and what you need, and how to arrange and accessorize it.

But the first thing to figure out about yourself is what your decorating style is.

Maybe you love it when you see walls with amazing paint decor, or maybe you love to see colorful rugs.

Or you have some indecisive taste for decoration.

It always depends on what you like, or what you like about being part of your daily stay.

Read these tips on how to get started with your decor style in mind.

Furniture – arranging furniture is something that requires a little more planning. There are important considerations like choosing a focal point.

The right thing that you MUST HAVE is where you plan to put your furniture elements in your living room.

Tip 1: When installing a sofa, it is easier for you to orient yourself to the windows in your living room.

Yes, you must be wondering what I mean by the windows. You see, most lounges have either a large portal of windows which, if it is a smaller space, expands or shrinks the space depending on where you look from.

That’s why colors play a huge role in any case, about how you will shrink or visually expand your space.

Here is some e.g how you can decorate the living room. If you see, down on the second picture the sofa is very close to the window, but since it is obviously a large space.

They have taken these colors to reduce the room. And instead of colored curtains, they put curtains in white to brighten this space.

Although, there you see a million different small decorations that just make this room perfectly ideal.

Living room ideas for decoration, if you like this design.
Living room ideas for decoration.

Tip 2: There are several reasons why it’s important to use them, but before buying something simply because you like it, make sure you know all the rules of thumb for area rugs.

 Carpet is one of the decorations that make your living room more luxurious.

When an area rug is too small it can make the entire room look disjointed so make sure you know. The best size for your room and the way your furniture is arranged.

Best tips, how can choose your rugs.

For best e.g on this picture, you can see if you love huge decor like this one client, ou doesn’t need rugs.

Why? Because, all these small details “Send message in our brain, whew this room looks amazing” Couse you have already all details.

If you have in the plan just in your room more details tip 3 it will be you don’t need a rug.

Lighting– lighting is a somewhat complex element of any room.

Most importantly, you should include each of the three main types of lighting: ambient, task, and accent. Light sources should be placed at different levels throughout the room.

Lighting ideas for living room
Living room ideas for decoration in 2020

Also if you’re no a lover of this ceiling lighting here is some great example if you love lamps.

Lamp idea for lighting your

The best living room idea for decoration also is when you choosing just the right paint color.

Paint color I dea for living room decor.

When you choose your colors like this client, grey and dirty pink which is my favorite combination for living room paint. You can’t go wrong with this combination.

Here are some pictures of another idea for decorating your living room.

Finally it is time for a conclusion.

If you are not sure what to choose and how to decorate your living room, then it is best to read the top 3 tips in my text.

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