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Living room furniture ideas in 2020

Good morning my dear friends, how are you? I’m fine very great this morning. Today I decided to write more about living room furniture ideas and want to write also more about furniture for all houses.

How to choose the right furniture for the living room and other rooms?!

First, I recommend if you have a small room you must to buy furniture in light shades. Why? Because, if you have a small square ft room my tip will be to choose light colors. Because you can get a more visually large space.

Second, you must have some great details in these colors: dirty rose, wood color, and green. These three colors have something special. When you come into the room and see these three colors, you feel better, m I right?!

Third, here I’ll talk more about how to choose right on furniture details. When I say that I mean about: Colorful pillows, blankets, curtains in some great color and more.

In this few pictures, you can saw very great idea for furniture from my dear friend Prosvirin_design. Thank you.

Living room furniture ideas in 2020

Like I’m saying if you want to have more comfort in your room. You must choose these three colors. With these three colors, you and all your friends feel very great to share with you the best stories.

Living room furniture ideas in 2020

Also, these colors you can add inside your dining room and hallway. Also, it is too good for the bedroom.


In these last pictures, you can see a studio apartment idea, how you can with these three colors get very large visual space.

How to Design the dining room in these three colors?

I always have on my mind a few ideas, when my friends ask me for a favor. And that favor was: ” Can you help me with colors, I don’t know which one is great for my small studio, or for my one-room bedroom”

When you have a small studio apartment or one-room bedroom, you want to have a dining room. But HOW?

Here I want to share with you some little tricks on what to do. Must create some list to explain very easily in just few steps.

  • Remove large chairs from your dining! Must find somewhere in IKEA or other large furniture box mall your room size chairs.
  • Choose color paint just for this little dining room. E.g choose a light shadow of rose color or just put sticky tape on the wall diagonally and paint light rose color. When someone comes inside your studio to get a message: ” Oh, this is a nice idea to remove some space for dining room” This is my idea not from other sites. And this Idea you can share with your friends. I approve of that.
  • Next, you must find a very great folding table. Also, you can paint in your favorite color this table, too.

What is the folding table?

The folding table is a table for a small space room. If you want to have more space inside your studio or you want to have more space you just need to buy this table.

Best idea for small space.

Now, because I already mention to you furniture details. Must write something about this. I do not forget what I said.

Tip: When you find some ideas or get inside your head. You must to share with others. My tip or my tricks if you don’t know is: ” When you choose your color for furniture details or living room details. Must Have some a pattern on the color curtains of some of the details that most dominates the space”.

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This quote tip is great if you want to know more about living room furniture ideas.

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