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Learn more about Hacienda Architecture for home

Good morning, my dear friends and my dear readers. I know you wait every second day to read something new. What’s Leo proper for you today?! So as you can see up today we are going to talk learn more about Hacienda Architecture for your home. Very interesting, isn’t it? Yes, it is!

Let’s repeat history about hacienda?

Hacienda architecture is original to Spain and Mexico, where it’s considered a traditional architectural style with traditional building techniques. Dating back nearly four hundred years, hacienda-style homes have a long history in the United States, too. 

Learn more about Hacienda Architecture

The Spanish Colonial period ended in the mid-1800s, but hacienda-style homes remained a popular architectural style among homebuilders. During this time, regional styles emerged in hacienda homes, but they still share many key elements.
Learn more about Hacienda Architecture

What I really like to see in this architecture is the wooden furniture. And I love seeing that huge and long hallway. Especially, which makes me happy and I know that the origins of this design are these arches instead of doors on the aisles.

What makes me especially happy when I walk into someone’s home is when I see beautiful decorative pillows on the corner sofa. I don’t know why, but it always leaves a wonderful feeling, as if it’s some kind of surprise.

learn more about  Hacienda Architecture

Also, it is very interesting that everyone very often changes the hacienda and the Spanish style of home decoration. There is one small little thing that separates these two styles. These smaller windows are in Spanish style compared to hacienda style.

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Must-Have Elements of Spanish Colonial Architecture:

  • Thick, white, stucco walls;
  • Very few and very small windows;
  • Red clay roof tiles;
  • Wooden support beams;

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