L Shaped Living Room Design in 2020

Good morning, my dear friends. How are you? I’m very very fine today. And very happy. This blog going high with more and more views. Thank you, you are the best. Today I will write and focus more on L shaped living room design.

I’ll also write how you can design this very popular shape of the room if you have a small living room, too.

One of my followers from Instagram asks me about this theme. So, I decided to write all my little tricks for you. So, if you ready let’s start.

L shaped room, what do you mean this letter L?

The L-shaped living room is a common layout but it is so easy to get it wrong with poor arrangements of furniture, mismatched color schemes and styles.

For someone that often has large dinner parties, then the dining room may be best suited in the larger space.

As well as a dining area, the other part of the space could be used for something like an office or reading space. Here down you can see how it”s looks like this shaped living room idea.

Photo from decology.com best example for L shaped living room design.

It is important to decide whether you want the living area to be open to the dining room or to feel more closed off.

Tip 1: Having a sofa or chairs (chairs create a softer division) with their back to the dining room will create defined living spaces while having the furniture opening out to the dining area will create an open plan feel space where the family can have more interaction.

So, for this shaped room best furniture is from Bellona . In the next few sentences I will tell you more about this great furniture salon.

The Bellona brand is one of the leaders in the global furniture market. Decades of experience in the production of the highest quality furniture and related items such as linens, anatomical pillows, quilts. mattresses.

Furniture from Bellona salon is the best design for L Shaped Living Room Design.

Really, great design with this gold edges and line on pillows. I can say If you have a good taste for interior design you must buy this furniture. All these colors are great matching with each other.

Color matching

Here is how look like a full furniture design from Bellona salon.

Full design room furniture, for L Shaped Living Room Design.

Tip 2: Pay attention to the lighting – If you have a living room with big picture windows, make the most of them. How? Use light and semi-transparent curtains that let light in all day. The room will seem much bigger.

Tip 3: What if you don’t have big picture windows, or if the living room doesn’t get much sun during the day?

In that case, you will need to look for a way of using artificial light to make up for the lack of natural light. That doesn’t mean you have to put lamps everywhere. 

Tip 4: Separate the two zones? How I can do it?

What if you don’t want your L-shaped living room to be open? Or if you want to separate the sofa area from the dining room part?

You always have the possibility of adding some kind of physical division

Conclusion: If you have problem how you can design or re-design your rooms, in L shaped you just need to read all these tips and share with your friends.

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