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Italian style for your new interior design for 2020

Hello, my dear friends today I decided to write about Italian design. As you can see my today topic it will be Italian style for your new interior design for 2020. Very interesting topic! So, I have some few pictures from my friends who has been in Italy and give to me fews. So why wait let’s start with this today article.

Why Italian style is better for your place, better then other designs?!

I don’t want to write history like other bloggers, about Romanian and that. I just want to say this style is great if you want to relax your soul with these few materials: stone, wood, metal, and ceramic.

The Italian style is recognizable because it contains as many as three styles, which I have already written about in some previous posts. Some of these styles: Traditional style, Classic style, and Mediterranean style precisely because of the beautiful sea.

What makes the Italian style special is the design itself in the following in short lines:

  • When we say Italian style you immediately somehow feel as if it is a Mediterranean, stone and wood material. The basic and natural material that is the foundation of every house in Italy;
  • What I especially adore about this style is their sense of maintaining the most beautiful gardens;
  • The colors are mostly the basic, natural ones: beige, blue, green, red, and of course neutral white and black;
  • Something that in my opinion especially adorns every Italian home is the kitchen. Of course these are dishes for sure, but what I want to mention here is the Romanesque kitchen design.

Even every modern Italian cuisine exudes a rustic style. Where parquet is most pronounced, wood is first and foremost and of course ceramics. I love their pottery.

Italian style for your

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  1. Fascinirana sam ljepotom italijanskog enterijera i nacinom kako i na koji nacin cuvaju svoju kulturnu bastinu svoje zemlje. Sve pohvale za izbor teme i prikazanih fotografija

  2. Ja obožavam Italiju tako da mi je ovaj stil savršen. Kod njih je sve tako jednostavno a prelijepo. Odiše udobnošću i otmenošću. Oni to tako lijepo uklapaju što samo pokazuje koliko vole da uživaju i okom i dušom i tijelom❤️

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