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Interview with the beautiful marketing manager this year

Hello, my dear family and friends. Today, I want to present a very beautiful and sweet and very smart marketing manager. Her name is Ana. T Dimitrijevic and if you want to read more about today’s interview. Click on this topic name: Interview with the beautiful marketing manager who conquers all countries.

Let’s meet this #powerwoman

  1. Introduce yourself briefly, and try to describe yourself in 4 sentences, I know it’s hard?

Recognizable in the digital world as Ana T. Dimitrijević #preduzetnicanadelu whose profiles clearly indicate an entrepreneurial lifestyle. So, she is an eternally curious child, with excess energy and a smile on her face. But, she loves working, reading and learning, traveling, speeding, motorcycles, and the gym.

Interview with the beautiful marketing manager
This is Ana T. Dimitrijevic and you read an amazing interview: Interview with the beautiful marketing manager who conquers all countries.

2. What was your inspiration to start doing the most popular business today, with digital marketing?

I was a generation that witnessed the introduction of the internet and I recognized all the potential in time. As someone who studied marketing and management, it was logical that I only accept and use their potentials by following new technologies.


I also finished LSPR (London school for public relations) which had a special E-PR module which at that time just scratched at something that was new, enough to satisfy my curiosity. Soon, after getting concrete results, it was clear that digital presence would become something that is a mandatory item in marketing, said Ana T.

This is Ana T. on London street. You can follow her on Instagram account @preduzetnicanadelu

Which style love Ana T. hmm, let’s see

3. Which style of interior design do you prefer the most and why? What inspires you, what style of home can you say is you?

Industrial style is something that I am very attracted to. Maybe because of so much attention to detail and even more because the quality is important, not quantity.

Both in life and in the interior, I like to adapt to old things (new ones) and give them new energy. They are always there to give a personal touch with a slight nostalgia and to breathe space into the soul that is in symbiosis with mine.

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Interview with the beautiful marketing

If you want to learn more about this amazing Industrial style, click here.

4. Do you like to travel, where did you travel before this pandemic, can you tell us something about that trip? Tell an anecdote or send a picture? Or where would you have a desire to go on a trip?

I love traveling and it is the greatest wealth a person can afford. I am lucky to have a lot of business trips with a company from Austria with which I have been cooperating for over a decade, and during that time we have visited a significant number of countries.

She is so beautiful and she is a very good friend. You should follow her @preduzetnicanadelu
To remind you, you are reading an interview with the beautiful marketing manager this year.
Interview with the beautiful marketing
Ana is a great interpreter and she passes on her knowledge to everyone who listens to her.

My love for England can be seen on the profiles, and after London, my expectations remained at a high level. After London, the real enthusiasm was with the Emirates, Abu Dhabi, and Dubai, where the combination of modern and traditional is in a perfect relationship.

What about your blog…

5. How did you come up with the idea to start your own blog, what is it that attracts you the most in marketing?

The growing need to express my own thoughts but also to leave quality content for new generations (especially my niece) started me for my own blog. I also gave a lot of education on the topic of entrepreneurship, after which I realized how important.

It is for younger generations to adapt something that interests them in the way they want to listen, and now it is through a blog, social networks, and YouTube.

You can visit her blog, only what do you need to do is click here.

Visit her blog her:

6. Do you plan to expand your business to other countries in the future?

My desire to connect with other countries is met by my long-term cooperation with foreign companies.

Interview with the beautiful marketing
This is from her Instagram. I know she “will kill me” because I am adding this picture haha, of course just kidding. She is my best friend.

I have over 10 years of cooperation with one company from Austria, and I have cooperated with Switzerland, England, Australia.

Despite the offer to live and work outside the borders of Serbia, I am still the happiest for my clients to be foreign. And that I live in Belgrade and travel at the pace that existed before the pandemic.

What about YouTube?

7. What is your opinion about YouTube? And do you have your own channel, if not do you plan to have one? And what could we expect from you to be?

YouTube is the leading platform for sharing video content, and absolutely whether you are a content creator or just a consumer, you can’t live without YouTube. I have my own channel #preduzetnicanadelu and a couple of video clips that will urgently populate the channel.

To remind you, you are reading an Interview with the beautiful marketing manager this year.

And the content will be about: entrepreneurship, specific tips on how to write, for example. PR plan, about learning, reading, art, but also practical advice.

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Often, in addition to exchanging information and knowledge, we just make each other laugh, which is enough to keep in touch or, to put it modernly, to follow each other!

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