Interview: More is more! Maximalistic design is the best

Hello, my dear friends, today is your best day in this pandemic life. So, today is a great day for one interview. Are you ready for the Top #1 topic this year? Aha, yes you are! My topic for this article is Interview: More is more! Maximalist design is the best for 2021. Great topic, isn’t it ?!

What is Maximalistic design, let’s learn more…

You all know what Minimalist Design is, I wrote about it here! But the very word Maximalistic already tells you what it is about. As this wonderful married couple says: “Max is more” Well, that’s wonderful, finally someone to think in a way: “That even the sky is no longer the limit” Bravo, for that!

Now it’s time for Q and A, let’s find who is my guests?

  1. Introduce yourself briefly, and try to describe yourself in 4 sentences, I know it’s hard: D

Selma Krifica-Coloman, BiG Mama, does anyone have more than me names, surnames and nicknames?
For many years I worked on television as a TV presenter. Many projects from children’s programs, competition shows. Culinary shows, big shows (music and reality).
I have also dedicated my whole life to working with children so I can
say that I am an educator. And an animator and with that you are a youtuber and a tictoker. Have four sentences passed 😂😂😂😂?

Interview: More is more!
This is us together, when we walk trough the park 😛
This is a New video from BIG MAMA Channel. You need watch this 😛

Her husband: Ernad Guetta-Coloman – He also dedicated his entire life to working with children as a football coach. He was also one of the guides to games without borders. He did it in the whole of BiH with Darko Trajković. Ernad and Darko were in charge of designing games for children. He is currently working as an animator and youtuber.

2. What was your inspiration for starting Tiktok, and the YouTube Channel?

Here is @Selmakrifica and here is from my friend and her husband @Ernadguetta42

The inspiration to open a YouTube channel simply came from a great love for television. Imagine, you can finally have your own personal channel where you can post content that only you want. This was followed by Tik tok, a creative platform. Where you can enjoy creating creative content that you sign yourself. Conclusion: the inspiration was pure love.

Why you prefer Maximalistic style, what do you mean for you: More is more!

3. Which style of interior design do you prefer the most and why? We noticed that you like to mix and match with Maximalist style, what attracts you the most to these styles?

I agree, it is the maximalist style that prevails in our home. Be guided by your fat, arrange the home at your discretion. I would also call the maximalist style of home decoration creative. You are the creator of your home.

Interview: More is more!
Love is only what you need in this life.
Interview: More is more!

What I like most is that I can put together some things that in some stereotypical styles would say they are incompatible. I combine the incompatible, I paint everything in a colorful way. Minimalism would be said to be less is more, and I as a typical maximalist type will say that my motto of decorating a home is “more is more”

4. Do you like to travel, where did you travel before this pandemic, can you tell us something about that trip?

Travel is a very important link in life. While traveling, you meet different cultures, try different foods, people … I think that the greatest treasure is to travel. Before the pandemic, we were in Dubrovnik and it was phenomenal for us as every time. Beautiful Stradun, sea, specific construction. Fortresses, seafood, and friendly hosts lead you to return to Dubrovnik very soon. I consider it one of the most beautiful cities.

Tell us something about YouTube?

5. Today, many people are heading to YouTube, what would you recommend to them as someone who has been in all this for a long time?

The Youtube scene is very popular right now. Somehow, at first it seems to you that this is the easiest way to earn a huge amount of money without rolling up your sleeves. While the reality is totally different.

Subscribe them on YouTube, and enjoy in daily adventures.

If you want to succeed in that sphere, you have to dedicate yourself to the channel as much as possible. It is definitely necessary to have good equipment.

I think the most important piece of equipment is good lighting. Without lighting, the picture quality is very poor. As for the earnings themselves, in the Balkans you can earn an average salary with a lot of effort and work on the channel.

Interview: More is more!
Interview: More is more!
Interview: More is more!

If you want to learn more about interesting tips and tricks for your home. You just need to click here, and visit my blog. Because, this is my life. I’ll share with you very great things.

What is your an instructive sentence?

6. Finally, tell us something that readers will remember you for and follow you enthusiastically on social media? (it can be a quote, an instructive sentence / thought or whatever comes to mind)

A message for young people who want to engage with YouTube, you have to be ready to give your best, even if you don’t get anything in return at the beginning. You also have situations when you work hard and do not progress. In those moments, many are disappointed and give up. If you think the YouTube scene is your life’s choice, never give up.

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