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Interview: How to design your home in Vintage chic

Good morning my dear friend tomorrow is September, and like I said I m prepare some great surprise for you. My topic is Interview: How to design your home in Vintage chic. This is my first interview on my own blog so wish me luck.

In this today Interview, I will present great interior designer Afife Ozcan Fojnica. She is the mum of two children. From Turkey loves interior and enjoy in vintage style. So, why wait let’s start and make your life beautiful.

What is Vintage chic design?

In interior design, this style designer named Shabby Chic also. Shabby Chic is an interior design style that heavily features distressed furniture and a trend of upcycling. Often described as a feminine style of the interior because of pale colors, floral patterns, and charming accessories. Also, know as a style where you enjoy colors and vintage style. I love this, so let’s start with an interview and find more from Mrs. Afife.

Questions from interview

  1. Introduce yourself briefly to our readers?

My name is Afife Özcan Fojnica. I am a mother of two children, a graduate psychologist. I am from Turkey, I currently live in Bosnia. On Instagram, I run a profile @mojmalislatkidom in which I share my ideas on home decoration and many DIY projects. I also have a youtube channel “Afife Ozcan Fojnica“, on which I admit, I need to be more active.

2. What was your inspiration to start shooting about decorating your home?

By chance, I studied psychology, and in fact, my real passion is interior design. The inspiration comes combined from my long-standing desire for the profession and of course the million youtube videos I have reviewed about it. Every day she started with a cup of coffee with amazing taste and smell.

Interview: How to design your home in Vintage chic
Interview: How to design your home in Vintage Chic

Before, I write the next question I want to said this is an amazing day to start something new and do as a tradition.

3. Which style of interior design do you prefer the most and why?

I don’t think I prefer one style specifically, but rather combine several styles. My brain tells me to go for minimalism, but my heart always tends to other styles. Lately, I prefer vintage chic the most.

Interview: How to design your home in Vintage Chic

4. In your opinion, should two or more styles be combined in one space? Why yes or why no?

From the last question, you can already guess my answer to this question. I think you should really combine several styles. Human beings are very complex and interesting beings to adhere to only one thing, in this case, one style. This is what she said for this question, and you must love it.

Interview: How to design
Amazing deco from her flat 😀

Before I give you last but great surprise, I want to share with you what I exactly write about vintage. So, if you need some other idea and inspiration for a new design with tips and tricks click here.

Interview: How to design

Towards the end of our interview, I gave my guest a small assignment, I hope you will like it and that you will post it on social networks.

Assignment: How would you arrange the living room and where would you place these colors: Gray, pink, and gold?

I really like all three colors when it comes to home decoration. I would take one of those 3 as a base, and I would take larger things in the living room in that color. Of these 3, gray would be the base color.

Curtains and a sofa, for example, to be in a light gray color. The coffee table also combined with gray metal frames and glass. After that, I would combine gold but metallic things with a light pink color.

Imagine also pink gold pillows that shine. On the table in the middle, she would use a large tray of gold in which there would be a glass vase with white hydrangeas and a candle in pink.

There would be posters on the wall with gold frames and pink details inside.
To all this, I would add a gray armchair, over which I would transfer a white or pink blanket.
When we choose one base color for the living room, it allows us to periodically change the details according to our will and seasons.

I want to recommend to follow Mrs. Afife on her Instagram account @mojmalislatkidom and enjoy in her great adventure 😀

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