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Interview: Design in Boho-Scandi style with more love

Good morning dear friends, and my lovely readers. This morning or this day I present for you something very interesting and something so sweet like cherry. Hehe, today is my second interview. This is an amazing interview with Cherry and here is an amazingly inspiring story for you. My topic is like you can see: Interview: Design in Boho-Scandi style with more love. Very interesting, isn’t it?

What is the Boho Scandi style?

When you have Japan style with Scandinavian and you combine these two in Japan. Now, you can combine these two and get a very great name Bohondy 😀 Very interesting hehhe. So, this is a style with softened colors and is very interesting just like the minimalistic design. So easy, but very inspired and interesting. Here is one picture of them.

Interview: Design in Boho-Scandi
Interview: Design in Boho-Scandi

Let’s start with today interview

Introduce yourself briefly so readers know about you?

Hello, 🙂 I am Jelena. I live in Kraljevo. I’m a graduate IT engineer, but that’s not my love. My Instagram profile (@cherrydesign_srbija) is just an attempt to do what I love, and I am glad that it is progressing more and more day by day.

From a young age, I was creative, drawing, making decorations for my room, cutting my mother’s shirts to make a piece for myself, giving “do-it-yourself” gifts for birthdays. Interior, DIY, design, fashion. That’s all I’ve always loved.

This is Jelena and she stays in her hallway 😀
This is from her Instagram feed!

Like you can see Jelena loves soft colors like beige, white, she loves to restaurant a piece of old furniture and something like that. This is what exactly describes our new style name Bohondy. I m just kidding, whit this name this is so beautiful. If you want to know more about Boho style or Scandinavian style please click on them.

2. What was your inspiration to start shooting about decorating your home?

Now it’s time for a short story about how it starts all about Cherry design.

It was November, the time of year when I make Christmas decorations. The nurse enters the room and says, “You need to open an Instagram profile!” And that is where the negotiations took place.

I never wanted to have a personal IG profile for no purpose. I started selling decorations, and in the meantime, my boyfriend and I were arranging our home, that is, the kitchen.

Interview: Design in Boho-Scandi
Wow, Jelena this is amazing what are you doing with this style. You must follow her on IG @cherrydesign_srbija

When the kitchen was finally finished, I hung the picture on the profile, because I was very satisfied, and my companions (there were few of them at the time) reacted great and that’s how it all started. This is so a great story, read more. Now I help other people to arrange their homes and I can’t imagine a day without dealing with it. I think people who follow me especially like our big and small do-it-yourself projects.

The master is in our house only when he has to. We try to do everything we can on our own, as well as to share the whole process with other people and in that way inspire them to do something similar.

3. Which style of interior design do you prefer the most and why?

Definitely a farmhouse. In the beginning, it was a real farmhouse, because it opens the possibility to decorate a lot, and even make pieces of furniture yourself. As time goes on, I turn more and more to the modern farmhouse style. My boyfriend (and I 🙈 too) hopes this is my last stylistic rethinking.

Interview: Design in Boho-Scandi
Mmm, the cherries are on the kitchen land:D

4. In your opinion, should two or more styles be combined in one space? Why yes or why no?

I am a person who prefers one style in the whole room, and in the whole house. I strive to one day have all the rooms in my house to be in a modern farmhouse style. Also have nothing against combining, and I often mix more styles for the people I work with, and my favorite combination is Boho / Scandinavian.

You can see here Boho with Scandinavian style. How to recognize these styles?

A melting pot of color, texture, and pattern, Boho style blends influences and elements from different cultures and eras. This type of design originated in many Nordic countries in the mid-1950s. It remains one of the preeminent interior styles in the world.

Let’s start with aour tricky task 😛

I asked the task as a trick question to our Jelena, so we can see how she coped with the colors she doesn’t use in her style?

How would you arrange the living room and where would you place these colors: Red, beige, and light green?

So where does he find me and these colors? As you can see my home is in neutral tones. Fans of our traditional interiors would say if you live there at all, add a little orange and green 😂 But here I will try.

RED – oriental carpet with the addition of black and some light colors (on the floor in a light wood pattern);
BEIGE – chairs and a table would be in the natural color of wood, so let’s say it’s a shade of beige. Walls white or beige. Rattan chandeliers in the color of the table and chairs;
LIGHT GREEN – she doesn’t really suit me. I would only run it through big flowers somewhere in the corner.
APPENDIX – black frames with family pictures and white long curtains.

This is it, guys! This is an amazing interview with Cherry and here is an amazingly inspiring story for you if you want to start this great hobby and job. Follow her great Instagram account @cherrydesign_srbija leave a comment ’cause she deserves it.

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