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Industrial Style Living Room Design something new!

Hello my dear friends, how are you? I am very well, and I sleep well. So, today is the new day and I am ready to show you something very interesting that I decided to write absolutely for you. I now you need something special but with more glamour style. Am I right? So, today I’ll write about the industrial style living room.

The new Industrial loft

An industrial loft is the dream of every furnishing lover worldwide. The spacious rooms, Wich offer ceiling-high windows, brick walls, and concrete floors. Are amazing, and I live in one of these houses.

Romas Noreika

Industrial spaces don’t have to be separate. This lounge, kitchen, and bedroom area uses steel. Through an uncannily-high entrance, the floor reveals large extractor piping, impressive under a runway of glass. If you love something like this, this is great for your home.

Industrial Style Living Room
Industrial Style Living Room

Tip #1: Less is more: the industrial style is defined by a few selected statement pieces.

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Give your lounge an artsy look. Under a concrete ceiling and snaking extractor fans, a criss-cross wooden floor holds a variety of art deco objects. A black dog statuette guards the tree-lined balcony.

Industrial Style Living Room
Industrial Style Living Room

But if you want Retro style design this is great design inspired for you.

Industrial Style Living Room

Stacked glass cubes create rooms under corrugated iron, as thick grey piping winds around the space. 

Quilted leather couches hark to the rustic with a cow hide rug, while a hi-vis orange lamp and metal table make it industrial.

Industrial Style Living Room

Glossy quilted couches invite the guest in, as two maps behind speak of the exploring of yesteryear. 

Industrial Style Living Room
Industrial Style Living Room

Eclecticism takes on luxury in this industrial-style lounge. Mixing exposed brick, silver metal and glossy wood textures, a bevy of animal hides and a thick grey rug create cosiness.

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