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How to use vintage velvet style inside your home space

Good morning my dear readers, today I am choosing a very interesting topic for you. As you can see, you should know how to use vintage velvet style in your home in the right way! Yes, because the velvet design on the furniture of your seat has been in trend for two years. Every home has one or more designs with this material.

Why we love velvet design for our home?!

The term “velvety” means soft, and it takes its meaning from its namesake fabric: velvet. The soft, smooth fabric epitomizes luxury, with its smooth nap and shiny appearance. I love velvet so much, it’s so soft!
How to use vintage velvet

In our experience, cotton, synthetics, and silk are all common velvet fabrics, each of which needs to be cleaned differently.

What everyone should know is that velvet as material on furniture has some rules of its own. Of course, most of us have no idea if it has the S mark on its velvety furniture. You can clean such a fabric with the means intended for that material. You can clean such a fabric with the means intended for that material.

What is especially commendable about this fabric is that it is rougher. And it’s very easy to maintain, especially if you have pets. I am sure you will like my dear ones who love their pets.

How to clean a velvet sofa? This is one of the questions that is often repeated.

I explained for special velvet furniture is cleaned with the help of some solvent. But what if your velvet furniture is a combination of silk, cotton?! How then to clean?! Every easy, use a vacuum cleaner that has the option of deep suction. So to clean from mites but also other scratches.

How to use vintage velvet

Velvet furniture is adaptable to almost any style. Depending on the furniture design of this fabric. If it is stitched, it is most often applied with some of the following styles!

This type of furniture always sends the message that your home can be presented as luxurious. Especially if you add colors such as green hunter color, red, mint green, grey, pink, and of course royal blue.

These seven colors when you just bring them into your home, through the decor or furniture your home becomes royal.
Nice example how look like boho and velvet!

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