How to use Urban style inside your happy place

Good morning my dear friends, today is the 1st of March, how are you?! Today, I want to write about something very interesting with more space. Yeah, that’s right! We love spring colors and we need more visual space inside our home, am I right?! So, I decided to write about how to use Urban style inside your happy place?! Sounds great, isn’t it?

So, let’s talk about what is Urban style?!

An urban modern interior design is all about cosmopolitan living, hip, contemporary and industrial aesthetic, but with a softer side. That’s what I said in my article about urban modern style.
How to use Urban style

It makes the most of small spacesto create functional and practical living areas. Key architectural features of urban design include exposed beams and unfinished surfaces and materials such as concrete, brick and wood.

Why do we need to use this design?

This style or design, depending on what you want to call it, is really special. If you have a smaller space, but you want it to be bigger without tearing down the walls. You can create an open concept with the help of some very simple colors and furniture. There are, of course, my tips from previous articles that you can take and apply.

Sometimes in space, it is enough to have smaller things so that we and our space breathe and be bigger and more spacious. Always remember my story that three colors in a space, plus flowers definitely keeps a space in its most beautiful edition.

Picture from @interiors_dd

The room you’re working with also influences your specific style choice – with more casual and calming elements in the bedroom and livelier, more contrasting elements in the living room.

If you’re more for urban modern style though, there are definitely earth tones combined with a royal beige color. Indeed, I will post a photo of what one Instagram post looks like as the room is decorated in earthy tones.
Definitely, you should follow her Instagram and find great inspiration for your home @elvys_home

What does urban style really do?

  • Colors: earth tones, in combination with powder blue and pink;
  • Curtains: very long;
  • The rug in some great colors or just in neutral colors;
  • Lighting with gold brass and LED bulbs;
  • Club or coffee table with marble design;
  • Art pictures on the wall.

The concept of urban style that the space is comfortable for its owner. Simply, that the open concept is in the foreground. Colors, more natural light, natural material. Japanese style, wood and breathable materials. Of course, the walls are white as in Scandinavian style so that all of the above can be fulfilled.

Furnishings boasting a bold pattern or vibrant color, or intriguing lighting. This is the Urban style, and we need this inside our homes.

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