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How to use the traditional style with modern style?

Good morning, my dear people, how are you. In my city today is rain 🙁 But, if outsides are rained I can do for you to make happy. For today’s topic I prepare how to use the traditional style with modern style? Does it possible to combine it or not? I know some of you love to use in your home just one of these styles but here you can read why to use these two styles inside your home.

Colors in this great combination?

How to use the traditional style
How to use the traditional style

This traditional style as you can see is most often applied in this room through the detail of the wood.

As I can see, this is a one-bedroom apartment, which is very small in size. So the designers from @interiors_dd made an effort to make the most of these squares and create such a wonderful design. I like it a lot, when you have a few square meters and with the help of an architect and designer like me, you turn a small apartment into a very functional apartment.

Pictures from interiors_dd

Precisely, in an apartment like this, especially if it is a smaller area. You can use this style to visually expand your apartment and make the most of each wall. I am sure that with a design like this you will always be in trend. It is these two styles that are the “main culprits” because a home can always be in trend.

Also, I have to commend the designer who played great with the colors. Obviously, in addition to my favorite colors, he also used turquoise, which not only creates a better ambiance but also makes you happier and ready for new work victories. My advice: Always in your apartment whether it was small or larger. Always add another color that will create such a great contrast that you will enjoy it.

How to use the traditional style
How to use the traditional style

Whenever you have the chance, play with colors! Follow design rule 60-30-10 and you won’t go wrong. Always let three colors dominate your apartment or room. In addition to these 60-30-10, I would be free to add the number 5. Which would represent the fourth color that is only 5% inserted into your apartment or space? In this case, it is a green plant that perfectly lifts the atmosphere. But don’t forget that it purifies your skin.

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When, for example, you do not already have a view through the window, you already see other buildings and apartments here. My recommendation would be to use blinds but white.

And even if you could put something on them that is reflective so that when the sun is shining it will illuminate your apartment even more. Also, what I have to commend are these wonderful wall and ceiling bulbs that not only beautify this space.

They already provide a special functionality, with which you will brighten your home and save money.

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