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How to use properly light colors inside small condos

Good morning my dear readers, for this day I want to share with you how to use properly light colors inside small condos?! Yeah, because today in this 21. century more people have small condos! So, for today I’ll present to you which colors is great for your small condo? Also, today I’ll share with you some great tips which sofas and which details are very great for your home.

Find here how to use properly light colors inside small places?!

Yes, as I mentioned in the introduction it is very important to know how to use lighter colors. Why? Believe me, sometimes a light color in combination with a darker color will make your small space much bigger and more spacious. Then to buy smaller furniture.

How to use properly light colors
Picture from @interiors_dd

As I said before, it is very important that you have an influx of natural light in the space for the first step. Because the flow of natural light is very important in every space, because of the realization of better energy that we all strive for. Here above in the picture you can see that in a small room, with a combination of bright colors you can significantly expand your room.

The colors that are most often recommended for visual expansion of the room, read below!

  • Beige color;
  • Green (pastel);
  • Rose gold;
  • Marble;
  • White, cappuccino, and other light colors.
How to use properly light colors

The next step, if you have a smaller apartment, is to make the most of the wall paintings. And my recommendation would definitely be for it to be some floral pattern. Because really in small spaces with one beautiful picture on the wall, and bright colors, really the space gets you special.
As you can see ideal sofas for smaller rooms will enliven your space, and provide the energy it deserves. You can find it in KARE design, this sofa is called Gianna and you can choose the color model of your choice. Follow @kare_sarajevo

Also, in small apartments, the biggest role is actually played by chandeliers, curtains and a table. Yes, these three details are sometimes enough to be a decor and sometimes the decor is of great importance.

These three items and decor are the most important items in the premises. Whether it was a large or a small room, they are definitely of immense importance. Therefore, when choosing these three most important decors in the premises, feel free to contact us for consultations.

How to use properly light colors
How to use properly light colors

As I said, the colors in the room are very, very important. Herewith all the lightest shades in the space. When you place one of these green colors with pastel pink pillows. Create a story ideal for any home. The room you see in the pictures has 28 square meters.

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