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How to use Organic modern style inside of your home

Good morning my happy and dear friends and readers. For today I want to share a very interesting topic. How to use Organic modern style inside of your home. This is very popular, all around the world! If you didn’t know this is very good for your health and your positive energy. So, this is so important in our lives. You should read today’s article and get inspiration to design your home. I am ready to share all this quality content just for you.

Why you need to use Organic modern style inside of your house?!

Organic style contains the idea of living in harmony with nature in a pleasant, fluid environment. It is very important that we are surrounded by good energy. And that our home is in the circle of that. Today, in addition to various events! We sometimes do not get to think about where we buy our place to live. This organic style originates from Japan, indeed the Japanese have their own rules that are truly positive. I have to admit to you, that since using Feng Shui in my home I am happy.

The organic style focuses on greenery and fluid shapes rather than geometric shapes. The style focuses on natural materials, natural energy, recycling, and organic, fluid lines. The culminating result is a very light, airy room with plenty of greenery and movement.

That’s let me say the definition of what an organic style is! I am writing about organic modern style, which is the same only some elements are from the “modern age“. You have the best example in the picture above, but also in the following photos. Here you will be able to understand without reading what it is really about. And you will realize that in fact, the natural elements in space are very important for our health and energy.
How to use Organic modern

How to recognize organic style in furniture stores?

Key items such as natural materials such as linen, wool, leather, sheepskin, woven seaweed and wood. The shapes are clean and modern, there are no traces of traditional ornamentation. Bring wooden furniture into your home, it can be a dresser, a table that is not painted. It is just a varnished wood, which will not be able to rot. Definitely in the space, try to add green plants of course can be one plant.

It is important that some half a meter from the environment of the coffee table you have a carpet. Which is not wall to wall. It is important that the sofa is comfortable and design-pleasing to the eye. When choosing a color palette, think of the natural and organic: white, brown, beige, and green perfectly achieve the look. Lighter whites contrast more with rich browns and greens. Certainly, since it is a modern design, you can use pastel colors. More silver details, and less gold.

One of the ideas of what you can put as a decoration in the bedroom. These are cotton twigs. If you have one nearby, feel free to pick two or three branches of the cotton farm. Then take a hairspray, and spray, so you will protect the cotton from spilling.
How to use Organic modern
How to use Organic modern

Natural, lightweight, and light-toned fabrics are key. Cotton, linen, and muslin work well in white and neutral colors. With so much muted coloring the room will look bigger and showcase foliage better. Organic, natural materials lend a rough contrasting texture to the soft fabrics. Look for natural fiber rugs, burlap, and even rough tweed. Straw baskets work great for storage, and sisal rugs warm-up space.

List of tips and tricks for a better atmosphere

  • Hang an arrangement of framed dried flowers, leaves;
  • Frame a mirror with pieces of driftwood or branches from the woods;
  • Choose low-energy light bulbs to help save energy (and money on the electricity bill!);
  • Along with the flower pot, be sure to place simple light bulbs;

Keep additional items minimal and focused on nature, paying attention to the volume of each textural element for balance. When you add a little greenery to it, everything turns into the most beautiful home ever.

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