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How to use Japandi style on the right way in your home

Good morning my dear friends, today I want to share with you some easy ways were to use the Japandi style. So, if you read my post last year about this incredible style this is an upgrade. I hope so you will like this because this is a very popular style. So, my title is How to use Japandi style on the right way in your home?! Are you ready for this amazing topic, if you are let’s go!

Use the right way Japandi style in your home

As you know, I’ve already explained how this style came about, but if you haven’t read last year’s article, click here and refresh your mind! If you don’t know, this style has two more styles within it. Yes, you read that right! This is a combination of two styles: Scandinavian and Japanese.

So now that I’ve explained to you what this style is, let’s move on to where you can use the Japandi style in the right way. Also, I have to mention something else. This style is a wonderful combination of wood and metal with refreshing colors and is great to use if you have a small space.

#1 SimplicityIn this style minimalism is key, Japandi is not just a style it is a way of life. Here you see simplicity, but with the young pastel colors of the room it gets new life. To start decorating in Japanda style, find simple colors. The color of the wood simply soothes and offers a special energy. That is why simplicity is important.

#2 Opening the space without tearing down the walls-This style is special and is usually used in rooms that are open type. Of course, with this style to get this open style you do not need to tear down the walls. It is enough to take the lower furniture in your room, in pastel colors of minimalism and a Scandinavian look.
How to use Japandi style

#3 Every piece of furniture has something, furniture from this style is functional. In combination with the clean lines that are visible on the furniture. If you are a person who loves pure professionalism, but on the other hand you give your home a new life. Don’t be afraid to turn your small space into a dream room.

#4 The way of decorating the spaceApart from these Japandi style details, the space needs some beautiful simple flower the most. There are two flowers that are ideal for this style are orchids and bonsai.

A bonsai tree is a small dwarf tree that needs to be maintained in order to survive. There are various preparations to use. But if you’re not quite ready to keep your tree alive. Slightly easier than maintaining a bonsai tree is an orchid. They are wonderful and simple, but they are fragile and require a lot of attention just like humans.

How to use Japandi style

#5 With this style you can beautify any room in your home. These are of course: the bedroom, kitchen and dining room, and bathroom.

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