How to use grey color inside your living room

Good morning, friends! Today I want to share with you very great ideas of what you can do with grey color. So, my topic is how to use grey color inside your living room. I know some of you don’t like this color but you can use it as decor for the table or curtains. So, let’s start with this great article.

How we can use grey color on the right way?!

If you are a fan of other colors such as green, cream, or blue. Or some of the pastel colors so that when you use gray in such a room. You get an extra focal point.

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It is important to know that the gray color in the space behind the TV. Is the perfection that everyone wants to have in the space. Even if it is done in one of the following ways, which you can see below. Then it’s a full hit.

Gray at first looks monotonous and when you paint all the walls in your home it looks sad. Therefore, according to the design custom, we use one golden rule. Where one color is always the base, in our case it can be gray. Depending on the space, it can be a lighter or darker shade. But don’t forget it’s one wall.
How to use grey color

Here are the colors or shades of gray, which are most often used indoors. Purple shades of gray are most often seen in dining rooms and kitchen elements. Also, you green toned greys is very amazing if you have large rooms.

In which style you can use grey tones…

Definitely gray, and all its shades can be used in literally all styles. But most of all we see this color in styles like:

You can easily use gray on the furniture, but also on the details on the table. It is mostly used as a decor on curtains, and this color is used on mirrors. So if you have pink tones and blue tones in the room, the gray color comes here as the cream on the cake.

Very often you can see at least with us who live in the Balkans. Yes, we are laying laminate in gray. Because it looks very rich. Imagine this again. Gray laminate, blue or pastel pink furniture. Click here for more about laminate!

One wall is pastel blue. So I think that’s the real deal. Add to that the silver details, there is no end to a nicer space. Lay some cream carpet over the laminate under the table. Wow, what a living room, like a dream.

How to use grey color
This combination is flawless perfection, and with it definitely small spaces gain in importance.

Here in the picture above, you see the perfect combination for the bathroom and the living room. It is a combination of colors that attracts attention.

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