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How To Use Color Theory for better interior design

Hello, my dear friends, I want to write about an important topic today. Yeah as you can see today, I’ll share an incredible title on how to use color theory. This is very great and if you want to know which color is great for your home, or just room. So, let’s start with this super important topic.

What do you need to know?!

These choices play a key role in the overall environment of a home because color can influence moods, feelings, and even increase how much sleep you get. I am already write something about this, you can click here and read it.

It is very important to touch at the very beginning that in the palette of all colors I have, there are three sections or groups of colors. Find out below which colors are primary, secondary, and tertiary.

Primary hues are: red, yellow, and blue.
Secondary are mixtures of primary colors: namely green, orange, and purple.
Tertiary is the result of mixing one primary and one secondary color.

A great example for the room colors down below, just click and find more ideas. Some homeowners opt to use one paint color on all walls of connected spaces. This is especially ideal for homes that have open floor plans.

If rooms showcase starkly different palettes or decorating styles, the overall impact can be unsettling and abrupt. Instead, colors, fabrics, patterns, and objects should have a calming balance that feels natural and connected.
How To Use Color Theory

More about harmony…

In the next example, I want to share with you how exactly means to use the colors the right way! Yeah, colors are very important in our life, because you should create and design your room how you feel.

You reading a very interesting theme: How To Use Color Theory for better interior design

Let’s learn on the next paragraphe what and why is important to find harmony in side our home?!

Harmony in our home is very important, why? Because she is the main “culprit” for why we feel good or bad. It is the colors we combine that are there to create a harmony that will combine it all into one package. And make us happier, more successful, and more rested.

In this picture, you can see these colors, really influence everyone. Colors are very important in our life.

Find out here which color suits your personality

  • Red: ambitious, bold, powerful, passionate, active;
  • Orange: instinctive, optimistic, extroverted, charismatic;
  • Yellow: energetic, joyous, friendly, spontaneous, fun;
  • Green: growth, prosperous, hopeful, restorative, generous;
  • Blue: content, responsible, intelligent, authoritative, controlled;
  • Purple: creative, fanciful, distinguished, compassionate, devoted.

Here we must also not forget the basic and neutral colors in combination with the above colors. They not only make our space special for photography but also make our lives better.

  • Black: confident, elegant, mysterious, commanding, judicious;
  • White: wise, pure, honest, innocent, influential.

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