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How to set up a parquet for livingroom

Good morning, my dear friends, today I decided to write more about the living room but not like I do before. I want to write about the living room floor. Today or this morning theme is: ” How to set up a parquet for livingroom” I know on the internet they don’t enough blogs about this theme.

So, let’s find what do you need to set up a parquet for livingroom

Q1: Hey Leo, I want to renovate my floor in the living room. I’d like to consult you, should I put a vinyl or parquet?

This question I get last week, so I decided this is a great time to design your living room. Because, it almost starts Easter and we need to renovate. So this is great to learn how to set up a parquet for the livingroom.

Vinyl vs Parquet

Vinyl’s soft, and it’s not too expensive. You can find it at a very low price. Hardwood floors are a natural, durable but expensive option for home floors. Vinyl floors are a cheaper, but less durable, synthetic alternative.

Vinyl is like linoleum. You can easily cut and adjust it with the scalpel corners of your room. But vinyl as a material is of the deadline.

Of course, where you would recommend vinyl to place is if you have a pantry in the house, or it is ideal for smaller areas or rooms.

T1: My advice is not to put vinyl in larger rooms. Because it will “slip out” very quickly and after some time you have to remove the old vinyl again and install a new one.

You can find lot of designs for vinyl here is example.

set up parquet for livingroom

Parquet, better or not?

Look at something, parquet flooring may be priced for you, but when installed on the floor, you have a lifetime warranty.

Parquet flooring when installed, just like I said once and always. Every 5 years up to 10 years you can sand your parquet floor and paint. So he lasts forever.

And I would recommend to many people to raise money and to start with a parquet in a smaller room to see that natural quality.

As you have several colors and patterns of vinyl so there are patterns of parquet. Below you can see some of the shapes that are really popular all over the world if you decide on parquet instead of vinyl.

“Fishbone” parquet design

This parquet design is first class. In the design of the parquet, and if you choose it you will not repent.

set up parquet for livingroom
“Fishbone” parquet

How to set up “Fishbone” parquet

First what do yo need for this great set up:

Necessary materials:

  • herringbone flooring
  • adhesive
  • plywood
  • spline/slip-tongue

Necessary tools:

  • tape measure
  • square
  • chalk line
  • drill and screws
  • nailer

You start from the shape literally like a fishbone. You fit the parquet floor to the fishbone design. More about how you can set up herringbone on this link.

On this few pictures you can seen how they do it.

#2 Laminate

Class two definitely laminates. Except they are cheaper than parquet flooring. You can choose better quality laminates, which can be sanded and varnished in a few years.

Laminate flooring is recommended as much as parquet flooring. Because it is simple you have two types.

  • Click laminate – which fits in without any accessories.
  • Standard laminate, which you need to fit a lot of weight and are not durable.

Very popular laminates color is grey, wood. Also, you have tiles in design like a parquet for bathrooms or kitchen.

This is a great idea for setting up a parquet for the livingroom. I like these options because you can choose.

Conclusion: 5 DO 5 DON’T Vinyl vs Parquet

  • The flooring is durable, once done it lasts forever;
  • Parquet is healthy for you and your family because it’s wood;
  • The flooring is quite solid and durable;
  • It is washable;
  • It can be varnished and sanded so that you have a new parquet floor again in a few years.
  • Apart from being cheap, it is not long-lasting;
  • Not durable, quickly damaged;
  • It loses color, and the gloss it has;
  • You will need to modify it after a while and pay again for downloading and installing;
  • Not a good insulator, like the flooring it is.


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