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How to restore old furniture with easy steps

Hello to all the readers, my name is Afife and I recently joined Leo on this blog. Today you will read my first article which is about how to restore old furniture with easy steps. So, dear readers let’s start with this amazing article, which I write just for you.

This is how my sideboard looked and how it looks now.

How did I redesign this sideboard, read below?

I have always been a fan of old and vintage things, and I have tried to express my love for my home and decorations. I often find myself going through online auctions and sales of old furniture or objects for my home. Also, I like visiting thrift stores in case I find a treasure that day.

My love for vintage

Last week around 2 am I came across two beautiful vintage sideboards from 1976. online. I knew I had to buy them. And the two sideboards were already in my home the next day. We put the big one on the only balcony we have in our flat, which is very small and closed with windows.

On Friday the sideboard and I are looking at each other and we are saying “what now”? I am an absolute beginner. Have no clue whatsoever about what materials I need and what kind of paint there is out there.

I immediately posted a picture of the sideboard on Instagram with a poll about the color choice. And immediately I start receiving advice from a number of more experienced people to whom I am very grateful. As a result of the poll, we decide on green color.

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The sideboard with the decorations from my instagram profila @mojmalislatkidom

With this post I want to help all the other beginners out there and take you through all the steps I went through.

First things first, everything you will need:

  1. Sander/ sanding machine;
  2. 80 grid, 120 and 180 grid sandpaper;
  3. 2 big brushes, 1 small brush, and 1 very small brush;
  4. Wood filler;
  5. Water-based paint;
  6. Water-based primer;
  7. Clear wood varnish;
  8. Gold vax for gilding;
  9. Screwdriver;
  10. Dry clean cloth;
  11. Vacuum cleaner;
  12. Face mask.
How to restore old furniture
How to restore old furniture

The first day of work was Saturday. I started with taking out all the handles with a screwdriver and putting them in a safe place. Then I began with the sanding process of the top plate.

I started with 80 grid sandpaper which roughly got rid of the old paint and varnish. Afterward, I used 120 grid and 180 grid to smooth everything out. In the end, the top side was all smooth and I could see the beautiful original color of the wood.

Top plate sanded

On Sunday I started with sanding the other parts by hand since the sideboard has so many little hand-carved details that are hard to get to with the machine. This part tired me out the most.

Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday I spent sanding down all the details and all the parts as much as I could, with the same order of 80, 120, and 180 grid. I was able to sand the sides with the machine as well.

How to restore old furniture
All the other parts being sanded

I was finally satisfied on Wednesday with how much I have managed to sand down and clean up. I cleaned the whole of it thoroughly from inside out with a cloth and I vacuumed up all the dust. In the meantime. I had managed to get rid of the cracks the sideboard had in some places.

After it was dried I would sand those parts too. Wow, now it looks so amazing! Time for new steps.

It was time for the primer. I painted all the parts with a white primer. Once the first layer was dry, I used 180 grit sandpaper to gently sand and wiped clean afterward. I put the second layer and redid the process. I love to paint.

Primer being applied

The next day I started with the green paint. I watered down my paint a little bit so that I could get thinner and smoother layers and have fewer brush strokes.

The process was the same as with the primer, painting, and gentle sanding. Between these steps, you have to make sure to get rid of all the dust from sanding before you paint again. I put on 3 layers of green paint.

How to restore old furniture
How to restore old furniture with easy steps

In the meantime, I went over the top plate with colorless varnish and once the first layer was dry, I did gentle sanding and re-layering. I did this 3 times. On Friday I started with gilding the handles.

I used a small clean cloth and gold wax paint to do this. Also, I used a very small brush and gold paint to enhance the details on the front of the sideboard.

Gold wax paint applied on handles

On Saturday I continued the gilding of the details. I also went over some spots that I missed with green paint once again. Finally, the sideboard was finished. We loved the end result and my efforts have paid off.

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I hope that I have succeeded in explaining to you all the steps as simply put as possible. This is How to restore old furniture– article. I wish you all the luck in your future DIY projects. For more interesting articles like this one, click here!

Don’t forget to send me an email if you have interesting ideas on And find us on Instagram @mr.leohodzic and @mojmalislatkidom


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