How to renovate your home in three beautiful colors match

Hello, hello my dear friends today it’s the 20th of December and we have almost 5 days until it’s Christmas and 11 more days until it’s New year. How it’s wonderful, isn’t it? So, for today great and happy Sunday I decided to write about this beautiful topic. How to renovate your home in three beautiful colors match. Why wait let’s start right now.

Hm… did you just say in three beautiful colors, all the house?

This sounds great, let’s see which three colors can match this wonderful surprise for you and your family. It’s my favorite beige, rose, and gray. With details as gold and silver accessories.

How to renovate your home
All pictures is from my friend Instagram accounts: @interiors_dd
This coffee table is so practical, that you can create it yourself. With plastic flower vase and one plastic or metal plate. This metal tray is painted in gold and that’s it. Now you have a very practical, light and shiny table for decor.
This tiles is so popular and they have a name. This tiles is name terrazzo.

The terrazzo consists of a mixture of pebbles and marble agglomerated with cement, this gives it its characteristic dotted design and makes each one of the pieces different from the others. But now it comes in new colors and combinations that will surprise you. Even decorating wallpapers.

How to renovate your home

In its design, the grain can be fine, medium, or thick and currently offers a wide variety of colors that are very colorful and eye-catching. This is so great if you have a small space or a large space inside your home.

If you want to find out more great information like this, click here and enjoy every atom on my blog. Today, there is a huge trend in the world to buy self-adhesive foils in the terrazzo style. Which you will later glue to the closet door, or to the kitchen elements.

You reading very interesting Sunday article: How to renovate your home in three beautiful colors match

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This is wonderful dining room. I don’t know, maybe because I like it beige color or what?
How to renovate your home

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