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How to renovate the Dining room and save some money

Good morning my friends, today I’ll show how I renovate my dining room. And how it looks like Before my design and after my design. I know this today’s post will be amazing and very inspired for you. If you searching how to renovate the Dining room in your home!

What do you need to renovate your dining room?

Here in this room, more precisely the dining room, which is only 7 square meters. I decorated it nicely in my own style. And you already know that I am a designer who loves to combine several styles into one room. Scandinavian style and cozy style are clearly seen here. Without those two styles or if I don’t apply more than two styles in one room then it’s not me.

How to renovate the Dining room
This is how look like before renovation, I’m use picture from agency seller.

Of course, you already know from before, that wherever you move in, the following works are always done:

  • Disinfection of walls;
  • Cleaning windows, floors, and other parts of the apartment;
  • Painting the walls;
  • Purchase of new furniture and other necessities.

If there are any elements to fix, set, you need to replace them all. Because of course, you arrange your apartment for yourself exactly the way you like it.

Everything about the dining room you can read on my other pages just clicks here.

My dining room after renovate, I’m so proud to know how exactly renovate any room in the house.

How to renovate the Dining room

The most I needed to decorate this very beautiful room is:

  • Jupol classic small white bucket of 8 kg color (for this room I prefer only white color); “twice applied paint
  • A table and chairs that I chose for myself. Below I will write why these colors;
  • Carpets, table decorations, and other small necessities are mostly there to complete this room.

Tip: If you have this bass like a small dining room here, always look to choose bright colors. Because with bright colors you can visually expand and get a few square meters more.

For this room, I opted for beige colored chairs because they go best with a large wooden table. Also, click here to see how visually get more square meter for your home.

I use here Cozy style with this chairs edges, because line is everywhere you look.
How to renovate the Dining room
I want to inspired all of you 🙂

In the next photo I am, just as I am writing about arranging this beautiful dining room.

Hello, my dear friends this is me 🙂 Totally happy how I design this room!

In the photo above you can see the laundry room decorated of course in Scandinavian and cozy style.

To repeat the material: Scandinavian style is the style of home decoration where white predominates the most because of the walls. Here in Scandinavian style it is known that the walls must be white. Then the furniture material is wood, as with my dining chairs.

Conclusion: To arrange one smaller room, it is necessary to invest a lot of effort just to think about that design, as well as to set aside a certain not very large amount of money because we are all looking to save some more pfennig.

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