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How To Refresh Your Space Without Buying Anything New!

Good morning my friends, how are you? Today I’ll write about how to refresh your space without buying anything new? Sound’s very great, isn’t it? I know a lot of my friends who really don’t know what to do from there house?

What next to do and how?

“Tableware isn’t just for eating,” says Toronto designer Sam Sacks. “We have a huge shallow wooden bowl that can easily house a stack of books as it can a full charcuterie at a dinner party.

Again, if it’s pretty, use it! A footed bowl might be the perfect spot for cherry tomatoes on your kitchen counter. A pressed glass ice cream bowl can house a magnolia blossom. And a pretty tray is a perfect spot for a candle and a decorative matchbox.

Refresh Your Space Without Buying

Look for inspiration in your closet- This is very interesting. Why? With some very interesting textiles that you literally “pull” out of the closet, you can put them next to a vase with flowers. Or here’s one trick below.

I ’m sure you have a lot of scarves or shawls that you might wear with beautiful jackets or coats.

But of course, you can’t just take one out every day and carry it with you. Eh, here we are. Choose which saloons you haven’t worn in a long time and which have an interesting design.

Great refreshing design for your home

You tie a scarf or shawl depending on what you have in a smaller dimension around the vase that you previously filled with beautiful roses. Very interesting idea and I’m sure no one has thought of it yet.

Trick 2: Make a scarf greasy on the curtain so you have something very interesting to decorate.

Cut a few small branches from a tree in early spring, place them in water, and you’ll have buds in a few days. I love the drama and height they give my mantel.

Some great tips for your?

Right now, I’m using greens from a neighbor’s hedge – it’s sort of like an out-of-control boxwood that needs pruning anyway – and they look fresh on my dining room table.

“When I’m feeling a little tired of my space, I just rearrange the furniture, swap out artwork, or re-style my accessories,” says Calgary designer Amanda Hamilton.

Refresh Your Space Without Buying

Inject Drama With PaintYou can use colors to beautify your parts of the home. Very interesting, yes if you paint one wall in color. The price is very small because you need one bucket of paint for that one colored wall.

Paint Your Furniture“Some old furniture pieces need thoughtful consideration before making the decision to refresh it with a good coat of paint. Sometimes, it’s better to invest in a professional. It’s an easy trick to bring a tired piece of furniture back to life.”

For more decoration ideas please read here.

Amazing pictures for inspiration?!

In the next few pictures, you can see amazing ideas for your home. How to decorate your table to look like a royal home, and others.

Refresh Your Space Without Buying
Refresh Your Space Without Buying

Switch Up The Fabric

Because of our fluffy dog and busy family life, I still favor a washable slipcover sofa. I like to buy two from the start in different colors — one dark and one light. This definitely gives us the freedom to change the mood at will in our living room.


Arranging your living room for Easter can be really small family fun. Below I bring you some interesting ideas about what you can do.

T1: You can take cardboard or large white paper with your children. Pens felt pens in colors and draw various shapes then paint them.

Then you can drill a hole and hang or glue it to the wall to work together to create a beautiful bunny with your children’s favorite colors.

T2To decorate your home, feel free to use jars with flowers you have in your home. Insert wooden sticks into them with sticking Easter motifs made of paper or cardboard with your children.

Switch Out Your Lightbulbs

Lighting plays a big part in setting the mood and creating an overall feeling,” says Nyla. Warmer light makes us feel good and offers a sense of comfort. LED is the way of the future, but they don’t all need to be harsh and cold. A 2,700k to 3,000k offers a warmer light and all the energy-saving benefits.

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