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How to Re-novate dining room before the New year

Hello, my dear friend today I’ll write about an interesting theme it’s about How to Re-novate the dining room in September. I know I yesterday write about living room design in the morning. But, today I m not because I have a lot of things to do. Why waste time let’s go!

In this blog article I will show you how you can save lot of money and renovate your temporary dining room.

Which color is the best?

The best colors for the dining room is light green, the beige, and for my intuitive, the best color is light purple. Why? Because these colors are very unique and you can combinate with kitchen colors.

I know some of us love kitchen cabinets in some summer colors, but I always recommend white or beige. Because beige is good if you want the kitchen to have for many years. If you understand. Some of us don’t have enough money to follow trends.

Always is the best when you have 2 or three colors in your kitchen area. I know if you want to know which kitchen color is best for you, please click here.

How to Re-novate dining room
Picture is from @interiors_dd

This is why I mention light green color. Because this is color for every room in the house. If you want that wow effect this is for you. This design up here is for business people, and for intellectual groups. Totally with classic style.

How to save money?

In this pharagraph I would say how I exactly renovate my dining room with great budget.

The most I needed to decorate this very beautiful room is:

  • Classic small white bucket of 8 kg color (for this room I prefer only white color); “twice applied paint
  • A table and chairs that I chose for myself. Below I will write why these colors;
  • Carpets, table decorations, and other small necessities are mostly there to complete this room.

TipIf you have this bass like a small dining room here, always look to choose bright colors. Because with bright colors you can visually expand and get a few square meters more.

For this room, I opted for beige colored chairs because they go best with a large wooden table. Also, click here to see how visually get more square meter for your home.

This is how look like my dining room. I love Scandinavian style this is so me.
How to Re-novate dining room
How to Re-novate dining room

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