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How to prepare your living room in autumn three colors

Good morning dear friends. How are you? I am very great, today is Sunday Funday and I m here for you. Today I decided to write about an interesting topic and it is how to prepare your living room in autumn three colors. I know autumn has more than three colors. But, for this today I m choose just three dominant colors. So, why wait let’s start.

The best three colors for your living room!

For this topic, I choose these colors: Hunter green, brown sugar color, and neutral colors. So this is the first on photography with I get from my dear friends @interiors_dd you can visit them.

How to prepare your living room
How to prepare your living room

As you can see, these three colors are best for your combined living and dining room. Because this small space with these colors gets a visually larger space. This L-shaped couch is great in this brown sugar color, because when you spill something on it that you don’t see stains.

All my today pictures is from my dear friends account interiors_dd

Here I would just change this floral decoration, I would put orchids in a soft pink color just to freshen up this amazing space.

How to prepare your living room

Also, I want here to add more interesting tips and tricks from my another posts. Down below you can click on my post and find very interesting about green color.

Also, if you are from Balkan country’s you can click here and watch my first video about how you can design and renovate your hallway but on my language.



ust a few days ago I wrote about this style you see here. It is a coastal style of home decoration. Why do I say that from the beginning and how did I notice it?!

You see, to fascinate someone you have to learn something more about it first. Regardless of whether it was a home design, or something else.

Probably the designer got a hint from the owners of this beautiful apartment to adore the coast and the sea. And it is in the coastal style that the following colors dominateRed, White, Blue. These colors are great and have a very inspiring effect when they are in space together.

Tip number 1When you have such a small room and you just don’t know how to make a small room much bigger with the help of a “magic wand”. Then you apply the following design styles that I am 99% sure will visually enlarge your home or a particular room. These are:

These four styles are best for your smaller rooms. When you have a small room with some of these four styles you get a very large visual room.

For a comfortable space next to these three colors that I have already mentioned, be sure to click on the style links from the list above and be sure to copy what you want and apply in your home.

T2: Always remember this second tip. That is: if you have a smaller room, here is, for example, a living room with an area of 14 square meters up to 20 square meters. 

Use “soft” or light colors in combination with a slightly darker color. That will be found only on details such as important for flowers, lamps, curtains, and more.

How to prepare your living room

T3: As you can see the kitchen elements are done from light blue to the lightest lilac color. There are of course gold details on the legs of the chair.

Trick 1: You can often hear on television or on the Internet that many designers when decorating a kitchen, choose one of the clients to choose decorative pre glass thick glass instead of wall tiles and stick it on the wall in the kitchen.

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