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How to Paint your wall with magnetic color

Hello, my dear friends today I decided to write about very tricky decor for your rooms. How to paint your wall with magnetic color, this is the topic for today. I am happy with this idea, let start right now. This is very awesome if you have small rooms or larger rooms, but you love to have more space. Every one of us needs more space, me too!

Does it really exist, learn here why you need it?!

Honestly, I told you I heard it existed a few months ago, but I didn’t dare write about it. Namely, I decided to buy it for myself because I plan to arrange one wall as a gallery to look like! For this idea of the magnetic color, I saw on @fitmama.rs Instagram profile. Can’t wait to see her results!

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If you not yet, you should follow her here and enjoy an everyday adventure with her and her family!

As you can see, you can find this magnetic color anywhere like these classic colors. Of course, there are many manufacturers, but in essence, each of them of 40% -60% is efficient. And let me tell you right away that it does not interfere with the operation of WiFi devices.

How to Paint your wall

Why is great for kids or designers?

In addition, it serves to place photos or magnets of interesting design on it. You can soak felt-tip pens and make an interesting wall on them, for example in the kitchen. Where you will mark or paint something as you wish.

Also, it is very application able in children’s rooms. Where children can finally draw at will, and you erase it all at the end. Or simply join the kids and enjoy with them. You can read more about the same topic on my blog, just click here!

Since it is a strong and durable color, there is a possibility that it will be the color you want. It doesn’t have to be gray or black.

Here you can see the profile of Suzana who is running the profile @fitmama.rs!

How to Paint your wall with magnetic color

As for the drying process, the first layer of this paint is dried for 4 hours. After four hours, a second coat is applied which is final. After that, let your imagination run wild, and let me know your experiences of how this color came out.

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