How to paint bathroom tiles and get an amazing look

Good morning my dear friends, today I want to share with you a very interesting idea for your bathroom. For today I decided to write about how to paint bathroom tiles! Yeah, this is a very interesting idea for renovation. So, I can’t wait to start this post, what do you think? Let’s start with this idea, very great for your home.

Why someone paints bathroom tiles and get an amazing look?

As you know, sometimes tiles go out of fashion, that is, the pattern on the tiles often goes out of fashion. And now to change the tiles every time is out of the question. But there is one very great option how to change the look of the tiles without changing and installing new ones. Of course, it is possible to paint the tiles. Yes, you read that right.

How to paint bathroom tiles
How to paint bathroom tiles

Let’s start wit this easy tricks step by step, before I write what do you need to do take a cloth, a basin of water plate cleaner or soap or alcohol and clean the tiles. Now it’s time to prepare what do you need.

  • Protective tape for corners;
  • small paint roller;
  • Tile paint (wall or floor);
  • Protective paint that is repainted after the first coat of paint dries;
  • Cleaning sponge;
  • self-adhesive pattern – for decorating tiles (optional).

We can start by ordering what you need to do first. At the beginning we did the first step now it is time for the next step. Let’s do it together!

#2 After we have cleaned our place / -plates, it is time to go over once again with a dry cloth and clean every dust. Even in this case, you can use a hand-held vacuum cleaner to pick up dust between the joints.

#3 Once you’ve cleaned each part, it’s time to put the duct tape along the corners. Once you’ve done that, my advice would be to start painting the edges in front of the tape. So you can paint easier later.
How to paint bathroom tiles

Final steps …

#4 Paint the rest of the tiles with the desired color and leave for 6 hours to dry. After 6 hours, take some pattern (optional) and stick it on the part of the tiles you want to mark with the pattern. If you have chosen a darker tile color the pattern should be lighter and vice versa.

#5 The last step is final, it is necessary to leave the samples to dry for another 2 hours after painting. And after the paint dries, take the protective paint and pass it over the entire tiles. It is this protective layer that will help you not to destroy the paint after painting, and to extend its lifespan.

Also here you can find a great video where you can see step by step, how you need to do it. I’m sure you’ll like it, and you’ll start painting your tiles these days.

How to Paint your Tile Floor with Rust-Oleum HOME Paint by DIY Playbook

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