How to Molding walls as decoration for your happy place

Good morning my dear friends, today is the time to write about the decoration on the wall. How can you do that and what do you need to know ?! So, my title for this article would be. How to Molding walls as decoration for your happy place?! So, I have a lot of questions about when I will write about this topic. Let’s get going, let’s learn together more about this great ‘can I say Royal Wall Decor’.

How to Molding walls for your happy place?!

Below I will present you through a list of a few steps on how you can do this great to be perfect. It is very important that you plan well and prepare some of the materials.

#1 You need to free up the part of the wall that you have designated for decorating. What do I mean by that: take pictures off the wall, fill in the nail holes. Then fix the wall and all its imperfections, with the help of a trowel.

How to Molding walls
How to Molding walls

#2 Wood or plasterboard– It is important to determine, the decor you will set, whether it will be wood or plasterboard. Of course, it is easier for everyone to use plasterboard. It is easy to maintain and simple on the wall does not create weight.

What do you need to do?

#3 Draw a line on the wallOnce you have determined where you will place it, and when you have filled the holes in the wall. I would advise you to take a technical pencil, ie graphite, and draw thinly on the wall with the help of a ruler. To make this beautiful decor on the wall beautifully placed. Here’s how in the picture from the girl who did it.

This how you can do it for easy example. This is from blog

#4 Clean your wallsAlso, what else can you do if you want to sand the wall. So you get a smooth wall without wrinkles easy to maintain. It is very important to note that after sanding, the advice is to wipe the wall with a semi-dry cloth. To remove dust and when you paint the wall it will be smooth.

The final touch is here!

#5 When you paint the walls it will be nicer. Although many move after installing wood moldings or plasterboard, you can paint the walls and moldings before gluing them to the wall.

Here is one easy DIY video for how to molding your walls, from my dear friend Afife. Follow her on Instagram @mojmalislatkidom

#6 If you have selected and modified every part of your wall, you have an already paid design of this wall. Now it’s up to you to choose how much you want to take the material and the wider / more glamorous. I love this wall decoration.

If you have chosen wooden moldings, you can glue them with wood fixing to the wall. Either a better option and the smell is not so intense is definitely sticky silicone (white) or clear. Whichever of these two you choose will also have a great feature. When it all dries and stays fixed on the wall, then you can paint if you haven’t done it before. Take pictures, post them on social networks. Enjoy your dream palace room.

How to Molding walls
Picture from @mojmalislatkidom account!

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