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How to Mix-and-Match your furniture

Good morning, friends. Are you in your home? I’m going to write my blog and think about better days. This morning I write about: “How to Mix-and-Match your furniture. So, let’s find what is Mix-and Match?

Very few people decorate with furniture sets these days. And while it’s easy to fall into the trap of following a specific trend—whether that be midcentury.

What is Mix-and-Match?

This means that trendy furniture is no longer in use. That this technique can match all that furniture with the new furniture. And that you actually create your own style.

Q1: Is it possible to create my own style of furniture, from existing furniture that I have?

Yes, it is possible! And you can very well combine, we’ve talked before about what color goes with which color. You can read it here.

Great example to see: How to Mix-and-Match your furniture

In this picture, you can see which part of the furniture it’s best for mix-and-match.

When you buy your furniture in big-box stores might be the first step to help us furnish rooms with essentials: Quality sofas, sturdy beds, spacious dining tables.

But once this is done, the opportunity opens up to add smaller furniture pieces, antiques, objects, and soft furnishings to complete the look.

How to Mix-and-Match your furniture this is how and what furniture is best in combination.

Tip of advice: Think of your rooms in terms of layering by adding items to make your space feel unique and personal.

Q2: How to decorate my room when I mix different types of furniture?

Tip 1: Limit Your Color Palette (The easiest way to ensure that your room will look coherent, even if it features a variety of styles, is to limit the color palette)

This is 1st example how you can mix your room furniture.

You can mix-and-match something like this in your room, and this combination looks so amazing. It seems like a French style.

Tip 2: Add Contemporary Art (Adding classic art in a contemporary space adds interest. The clash between the two styles is easy to achieve, and it always makes a striking statement)

Art for example

You can find great color matches in art. You can see, on this canvas, you can find yellow color- this rug is like yellow. Red colors- a book and a pillow. Black- Table, and sofas. You can always match your colors. And this is how looks like.

Tip 3: Note the dimensions and symmetry (Scale refers to proportion and the comparative size of objects in space)

Great example for dimensions and symmetry in your room

I m also write in some of my post about: How you can match coffee table size & shape guide

Tip 4: Choose an Inspiration Piece (Create one special piece of furniture. The best for something like this is a chest of drawers from another time period. For example, paint it dark blue or black. Then take the liner and let the grease at will)

Draw geometric shapes along it. Totally indulge and relax your mind. Be proud of your creation, which will perfectly match other furniture in the space.

Enjoy in your best creation.
Be your deasigner be you.
So great for bedroom, love turquoise color

In this few photography you can see how to look like living room, bedroom and dining room in this Mix-and-match furniture design.

Amazing mix-and-match design
Bedroom idea with matching old and modern design
This modern chair with this old table from different time.

Conclusion: In the end, the conclusion is quite clear and simple.

If we like to always mix and match the new with the old, then this is definitely a text that you have to read.

And if you are new to all this, besides reading this site, you can save a lot of money and be happy and proud of yourself.

All you read and deliver is only you who deserve it.

So make sure you applaud yourself at the end of this text because you deserve it.


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