How to make your bedroom look’s amazing with French design

Good morning my friends, how are you. I am not fine I have a fever. So, I decided to write about: ” How to make your bedroom look’s amazing with French design” very interesting. I know I already write about just Parisian style, so you can also read about this here.

What is exactly a French bedroom design, how to recognize them?!

This style is like from the past. What especially makes this style and design unique are the antiques and furniture. In particular, wood predominates. And that: wooden chests of drawers, sitting furniture, and the like.

How to make your bedroom

Very often, you can notice in these styles that the rooms are lit so that every detail can be seen. Which in my opinion I really like. Yes, we must not forget that in the main in this style are dominated by some of the following colors: beige, red, blue, delicate pink, yellow and for details gold and silver.

In addition to wooden furniture, and small details. There is one detail that when you first enter a room like this, it greets you first. It is, of course, a royal decoration on the walls. There is nothing more beautiful than this decoration on the wall. Today, every home can have it, just buy decorative styrofoam and glue, repaint and that’s it.
How to make your bedroom

As you can see, romance in the French style is on every corner of the home. There are, of course, beautiful luxurious-looking mirrors that are placed somehow right next to the bed.

I never researched why, in the morning when I looked at myself I would just scream in fear. Hehe here’s a little joke and at my expense. I don’t even have closets with mirrors in the bedrooms in my home.

Look at them, even in the bathrooms, in the hallways, it is better to say that there is a mirror in every room. We are all different, someone loves and not who is afraid like me to have so many mirrors around the apartment. Write in the comment below if you like mirrors in every room of your home to have.

What I especially like to see are the roses on every table, and even on the nightstand. It’s simple, except it decorates the home. It sends one wonderful message that this is a beautiful home.

How to make your bedroom

Also, what I adore about this design or style anyway, are the floor-length curtains. It is a very unmissable detail.

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