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How to install door trim and get the most beautiful doors

Good morning my dear friends, today I want to write about a very popular topic. Yes, as you know every one of us needs this in our home. So, I decided to write about how to install door trim and get the most beautiful doors. If you want to renovate your hallway, I recommend to you this topic to seen and get on the work. This is very simple if you have all tools and materials and machines. So, I am ready, if you are ready.

What do you need to know about install door trim?!

Let’s start by explaining what tools and machines you will need first. Eventually, if you don’t have some machines what can you use in return. As some basic material you will need you can find in the list below this paragraph.

  • Wood sander – that’s the first thing (can be found in the range of 80 to 200 dollars);
  • Level so important;
  • Jig-saws or if you have or if can find it use a circular saw;
  • Electric stapler gun;
  • sandpaper;
  • rubber hammer;
  • not fungal silicone;
  • ruler and graphite pencil

This is what do you need to have from tools, now I am going to write a list of what do you need to have for walls.
How to install door trim
  • Mortar for walls;
  • wall spatula (because there is a possibility to miss and cut off the wall when extending the door frame);
  • A bucket of paint;
  • Roller, ladders, and other painting equipment.

Now it’s time for steps, what do you need to do

The first thing you need to do is take a hand sander for wood. And you start sanding the door frame until it is flush with the wall. You can always touch to see if you have reached your goal, so to speak. When you have reached the desired idea you have imagined with a hand grinder. Now is the time to measure the frame you will put around your neck. If you have a jigsaw, or a circular saw to cut it out nicely. If you don’t have any then a hand saw and a lot of patience.

#2 Then, when fitting the cut parts, use glue that will bond super well. Later when you lean over the door where you sanded the earlier frame, you will get a royal look. After leaning the frame you made, to secure everything in place then use an electric stapler, and you’re done that hard part of the job. If, you don’t find this stapler then hammer in your hands and shake off all the bad energy. Heheh little joke we need this.

The third but very simple step is to turn the hallway after the works. And set up some path or details that will decorate the hallway.
You can paint one part of the door as in the picture with the gold detail. And make your hallway just like in a dream. Enjoy, nice weather is coming (I mean European countries).

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