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How to have Modern small bathroom design for 10 years

Good morning, today I decided to write about a very interesting topic ever. And as you can see this topic is more searchable on browser more than any other. So, if you stay here you can learn how to have a modern small bathroom design for the next 10 years. It’s great, isn’t it?! Let’s start.

How to start, what we need?

How to have modern small bathroom

Tip number 1If you have a small bathroom you need to know which tiles are best for your bathroom. You can buy some tiles but you don’t have that feel for visual space. It looks the same. 

Trick 1: Always choose two tile colors in the bathroom. Why? You can use a darker tile color on the floor tiles, and always use lighter colors on the wall tiles. This is my advice, trust me you will not regret it. And it may take you more than 5 years. You can use dark colored tiles on the wall, while down on the floor the tiles can be light colored.

How to have Modern small

You really need to spend a lot of time and nerves to design and renovate the bathroom. In addition to the above, you really have to raise 10% more money than planned for bathroom renovation.

T2: When buying, always pay attention to the price-quality ratio. This can be a problem with bathroom tiles. For example, buy very expensive tiles per square meter just because of the price. And when laying tiles from the total material, 40% of the tiles break. Especially when it comes to wall tiles.

Trick 2: Don’t worry if the tiles break during transport, or in some other way. Again, you can use these tiles, and make some great designs. On the floor tiles so that everyone will envy you and ask how you did it. But you can also renovate an old bathroom into a Turkish bathroom so you won’t need a cabin or a bathtub.

As you can see, in the picture above. With the help of two colors, you can separate in a small space visually. The part where you take a shower and the part that is intended for the sink, toilet bowl.

T3: Also, when buying, you need to choose the best adhesive for your tiles. You don’t want them to start falling off after a month. Yes, yes, that’s what happened. Where people paid twice as much for bathroom renovations and after a month, they had to pay again. Don’t let that happen to you.

How to have Modern small

In addition to all the above, choose a good master of ceramics. Which has excellent recommendations from other clients. It is very important that your bathroom is done by a ceramicist. Who has only high and excellent grades?! Also, in some details related to the bathroom, you can work with the family and participate in the renovation of one part. But the rest, leave the installation of the tiles to an experienced ceramicist.

T4: I want to draw your attention, there are videos on YouTube. Where some the bloggers record how to change the look of tile with stickers. That’s really bad, because if the tile underneath cracks it’s horrible. Don’t use those tips, please save money and do the bathroom and be safe in the next 10 years.

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