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How to have a modern bohemian home, with my easy tips

Good morning my dear friends, today I want to present to you very awesome ideas for your home. Yeah, as you can see for today my title is how to have a modern bohemian home. But, so easy with my great tips and tips. I know probably you love this style only for your terrace or garden. But, I want to recommend to use inside of your home. So if you are ready, let’s start!

What you should know if you want to have a modern bohemian home?

Modern bohemian style is an eclectic combination of elegant modern elements combined with boho-chic accents for that extra rush of color, personality and individuality. Since this style is a blend of two very different interior design themes, you can expect that with these wonderful details. Make good use of some very current colors.

So what sets the modern bohemian style apart? Actually a series of things. It is minimalist and eclectic at the same time. It contains bright and neutral colors in the same space. This is actually one of the best style combinations for your home. It is mostly used in countries such as Germany, Brazil, Australia, Indonesia, and California.

Now it’s time to learn more about how elegance blends with a special texture!

The biggest contrast between the modern and bohemian styles is that the former is all sleek lines and clean aesthetics while the latter is all about visual clutter and a ton of texture.

With such styles as urban style combined with this eclectic, they become special. Since you need to emphasize the prominent elements of both styles, it is best if the undertone of modernism occupies a central place in such interior design. Once you get the basic palette, you can easily cover it and emphasize it with numerous textured bohemian design elements. It is important that you have your chosen color palette.

How to have a modern bohemian

So as not to upset you, dear readers, I will explain to you in a very simple way what this is all about. Namely, the Boho style is such a simple style that is highly recommended if you like calmness in space. And if you like to have crocheted details in your home in addition to details, relaxing colors.

The colors I want to recommend to you are very simple and belong to the group of earth tones. They are so simple it is actually some antique look that has a specialty that is missing today. While the modern style has no need to explain to you. So we decided to combine these two styles. And every home will look special and elegant with great energy and good colors.

  • White;
  • Beige color every tone;
  • Black and white;
  • Dark red;
  • Green hunter color;
  • Leather furniture;
  • Velvet material;
  • Wooden furniture and more

In this style, in addition to these details of colors and materials that I mentioned in the list. Details prevail here, which further complete the entire space. These are mostly, carpet in two maximum 3 colors. Curtains with curtains, flowers. Usually, these are mostly philodendron, calla lilies, and creepers. Which is actually the main feature of the Boho style. Do you want to know more about this great style, click here and read more!

What about details in modern boho style?

A combination of details such as gold, silver details with crocheted pillows. Carpets with fringes, chandeliers that have fringes on them. Literally, such a style exudes great energy and represents a host house. Which is decorated with details and with a lot of positive energy and effort.

Never throw away old things, because you can always use every detail or piece of food. And everything that goes out of trend later stays in trend again. So if you have old cabinets, couches, do not throw you can always make a great space as a sign. In addition to all the details, in this style, it is even allowed to mix two styles in the space, but to have some special harmony with this modern elegance.

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