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How to have a ‘fake’ separate room

Good morning my dear friends, today I want to give you a perfect trick on how to have a ‘fake’ separate room in the open space. Yeah, this is so important and a great trick if you have an open space or if you have a larger living room. This is so great idea of how you can have kind of some zones for better separation inside of your home. So, let’s start with these great tips and tricks.

How to have a ‘fake’ separate room on the open floor plan

As I wrote in the introductory part, today I will suggest you great tricks but also tips on how to apply these tricks. How to create a kind of zone that will be invisible and effective.

Good morning my dear friends, today I want to give you the perfect trick on how to have a ‘fake’ separate room on an open floor plan. This is such a great idea how you can have multiple rooms in one big room. But to the extent that they don’t ‘jump off track’. I’m just going to teach you how to fit it all together, to think about whether this is really possible. Let’s start with these great tips and tricks.

Let’s start with few tricks that you can do for better room space!

#1 What you can doA very interesting first example that you can do without rebuilding the walls. You can install a ‘false’ wall of wooden slats, and at the same time make it usable. It can also be a wall that does not take up much space, and it can also be a shelf for details or books.

How to have a 'fake'
How to have a ‘fake’

#2 How with the help of furniture- When you have a large space, for example it can be with the help of furniture that is larger and is a different color. As I said, you can often make these ‘crossings’ with the help of furniture in large living rooms. So let me call them and you understand, sometimes the color of the furniture can make a big change in the space. You often have it all over the world, where people use two colors in the space and plus a third color on the furniture that serves what it is written about.

#3 The colors on the wall are KEYOften the color on the wall can be of great importance, where you can have one or two colors in the entire room. And then the third color is mostly responsible for the transition, and in that way separate your space. Without demolishing further or building new walls.

How to have a ‘fake’

#4 Carpet as a transition to another zoneMost homes in the world do not have carpets in their homes. Because they prefer parquet to be seen and with the help of robo-vacuum cleaners they maintain their cleanliness. Of course, maybe you are one of these people. But did you know that with a carpet that has rubber under the base, it does not slip. With such rugs you can easily make a super transition in one big space.

#5 With the help of a picture on the wall, you can make a great transition in your home. The only thing that can cost you from 0 to a few marks more.

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