How to have a dining room in a small space?

Good morning my friends. How are you? I’m fine thank you. Today I want to write about how you can combine in the living room a dining room when you have a small apartment?! I know this is a very huge problem when you have a studio apartment or one-room apartment. The title is How to have a dining room in a small space? So, here I’ll help you.

How to have a dining room in a small space? Does is it possible or what?

Today, if you live in a small apartment, and you simply want to have a dining room, but because of the small space you are limited with the idea. Below you can read the great idea I wrote on my blog, all you have to do is click here.

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Choosing a harmonious color palette and furniture that works well together without matching ensures a cohesive, stylish, livable overall design. It’s very important how you combine these two parts.

Tip 1: The round table and chairs can be used for working from home or a game of cards as well as dining, and the table’s round edges help preserve the room’s easy flow.

How to have a dining room in a small space?
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In the previous picture you see the Parisian style of combining the living room with the dining room. Here you see around a large dining table, which is ideal for smaller rooms.

T2: It is important that the dining room is located in a room so that a large amount of light reaches it. The more natural light, the better for the room. If you do not have enough light. Get white curtains, but transparent so that when the sun rises to the sky and directs its rays toward your window.

Also, what is really interesting is that when you fit the dining room into the living room you turn to colors. Because unless you stick to the design rule for colors, your room will not be complete. Your space will look overcrowded.

T3: A palette of light woods, camel upholstery on the sofa, and blush pink accents keep the space feeling airy and comfortable.

How to have a dining room in a small space?

T4: Whenever you choose colors for your living room, be sure to choose brighter shades, but keep the details clear. So if you have a small space, your living room will be bigger in this case.

T5: If you are not a fan of carpets and have a small space, buy small trails that are in the colors of your room.

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