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How to Hanging Wall Art correctly in your room

Hello, my dear friends today I want to share with you very awesome tips and tricks for your wall decor. You can read today on my blog, how to hanging wall art correctly in your room. I know lots of people who really need these little tricks and I am ready to write about this.

Let’s start with easy tips and tricks on how to hanging wall art

We will first talk and focus on the main points that are always in focus. So read below where designers recommend the following places in the home.

  • A fireplace;
  • At the stairs;
  • in the living room: (if it is bigger above the sofa if it is smaller then on the wall diagonally from the sofa);
  • At the bedrooms;
How to Hanging Wall Art
  • For Small Spaces:

A tightly-grouped even number of pieces in a small area, such as a stair landing, is perfect and gives a window effect. Light colors enhance this effect.

Here is down below very easy tricks for better hanging arts on the wall!

Everything you need to do is find cook paper. Stick paper on the wall just like as you can see in this picture. This is the easiest way!

Arrange pictures on a wall with just sticker

How you can do this? Hm…it’s very easy you just buy a sticky gum and add it from behind your frame. Then you can also use this cook paper for better arrange. Then just stick your frame on the wall easily without any drilling.

  • For Large Spaces:

A tightly-grouped even number of pieces works great to balance out a large space or a high wall. Note that large spaces can handle slightly larger spacing than small spaces.

How to Hanging Wall Art
In this picture, you can see which dimensionss are the best for your wall!

How to use your hand to get better visual effect on the wall?

As I said here, you can get by hand a great size of space between your wall decor. How you can do this very easy?! Use your hand as free space between any other picture frame on the wall.

How to Hanging Wall Art

You always have to be careful how and which style you choose, which tones for the frames to easily blend in with the existing ambiance. Of course, you can always choose the color of the frame, but also its design.

It does not always have to be square in shape. It can be triangular, round. But also to make your design special.

How to Hanging Wall Art

As you know I love this green hunter color, so I decided to choose this picture. If you want to read more about this color, click here!

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