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How to furnish your apartment for the first time this year

Good morning my dear friends, my dear readers! Today you can read more about How to furnish your apartment for the first time this year. This is something that I decided to write just for you and your first home. I am so excited to write this. So, let’s start I am ready are you?!

Everything that you MUST-HAVE in your first apartment

Furnishing your first apartment can be a daunting task. Suddenly you’re flooded with thoughts that have never crossed your mind before. What can I get for my budget? Do I want furniture that’s easy to move? Will everything I have fit into this space? What do I prioritize first? 

#1: Quality sofaThe first and most important thing you must have in your first apartment is a sofa. It is very important to choose a quality sofa, of course, what I practice is the following. Always choose a sofa that can be transformed into a bed. Sometimes for you and sometimes for the guests who come.
How to furnish your apartment

#2: Small coffee table- Yes, a table. The table is the most beautiful decor that only beautifies your living room even more. Coffee tables help tie your living room together and offer a spot to rest your drink, food, remote, and feet.

All living room tables are mostly part of the Scandinavian style. Later, this began to change a little from 2010, where tables with high gloss and coatings appeared. Which represented modern style and industrial style with a combination of glass and wood.

Now a little about the decor…

#3: The most important decor for your first apartment is just: Wall paint, curtains, carpet, and the most beautiful chandelier. As you know, through my blog but also on my blog you can learn a lot of great things. Now a little about the colors!

As you know the most important thing is to choose the right base colors. It’s always three colors unless you’re a fan of minimalism. The easiest way to choose a combination for your first apartment: white, pastel color (optional), and wood color. These three colors are the simplest and are mostly applied initially.

How to furnish your apartment
How to furnish your apartment

#4: Curtains– In order for your apartment to be truly complete, everyone in the 21st century mostly opts for garnishes. But my recommendation for a nicer apartment is definitely the curtains. Somehow the garnishes are more for my office, while the curtains when you choose you to feel nicer.

Here you can find very great tips and tricks if you didn’t know which style is better for you.

But, if you want to find something about the rug, chandelier or other tips click here!

If you are on the start with interior design, the best solution for your apartment in the Scandinavian style. Why? Because this style is so simple and very useful if you want to build your apartment.

If you are at the beginning of interior design, the best solution for your apartment is the Scandinavian style. Why? Because this style is so simple and very useful if you want to build your own apartment.

We all mostly start with Scandinavian style, then move on to Shabby chic style. Only later do we decide whether to stay in that style or move on.
Very nice inspiration if you don’t have any ideas, what to do?!
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Something about flower decor!

#5: Flowers as the best decoration: Flowers are the best decoration of any space. Whether it’s the space where you stay the most of the office space. It is very important to bring life into space. The most beautiful for this are orchid, philodendron, and kale. All three of these flowers are great to create the right atmosphere for your home.
Just look, this corner if it were without flowers would be monotonous. And everyone would bypass it, while with the flowers you have to stop for a moment and enjoy.

Not to forget, in addition to the floral decor, an important role is played by the decoration of the table. Which can be silver or gold, I wrote something about it so be free and click here!

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