How to design your small dining room in RGB color

Hello, my friend this morning I got an idea to write something about a very popular color combination. It’s RGB but it’s not neon RGB it’s the very normal design and you look them. Also this RGB will be as designer rule 60-30-10. Click and find out how to design your small dining room.

Does it possible to design a dining room in an RGB combination?

Did you ever try to makeover your small part of the dining room in an RGB color combination? RGB color combination it’s the best choice for your small apartment or your studio. I love this color combination.

design your small dining room

This combination of the three most popular colors in the world of interior design, is definitely the best choice. If you have a studio, and you are not sure how to design it.

Tip number one: It is very important that you should always apply 60-30-10 in your home.

The best example of a popular design rule is this photo. Where 60% is red, 30% is black on some of the details and the picture frame on the wall. While just 10% is the color on the wall.

design your small dining room
Picture from @interior_dd

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All kitchen elements can be ordered in the size that suits you best while saving space. Today, when selecting a kitchen, fittings such as an electric cooker, fridge, dishwasher are ordered.

You must be wondering why we chose the RGB color combination for this small room?!

This color combination is very easy to fit, so in smaller rooms, you can also apply it in spacious rooms. Also, as it applies to interior design, if very simple and usable in exterior design.

design your small dining room

Time for a tip: You see that just at the entrance to this studio the designer has come up.

He painted the wall white so he emphasized that there was an entrance door where he separated. And the rest of the apartment.

Another thing about how to design your small dining room and the studio is the next few tips.

T2: MAKE USE OF MIRRORSIf possible, hang the mirror opposite a window to reflect the view and amplify the ambient natural lighting.

T3: PLACE THE TABLE AGAINST THE WALLExactly like in these pictures. You can use half a bar as a table. Simply arrange the table against the wall and place the chairs around the remaining sides.

T4: Brighter, bolder colors are great for creating an accent wall, but can also overwhelm the space.

Here is few more picture.

T5: Put inside your room flowers and get a new life in your studio room. Because you deserve the best thing and the best room design.

design your small dining room
design your small dining room

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