How to design your office this year!

Good morning my dear friends, today I’ll write about how to design your office. It seems so nice, so let’s start how you can do it?! We will start with the lines that are really important to us.

Line, why is a line so important in our home?

Let me teach you something now and that you will forever know in your space what lines are most important.

Let’s go, the “line” or “lines” that make one space one home. They are not visible. This is actually an expression that designers use if they want to show more clearly what they did.

For example, I often use the expression “through photography as well as through the decoration of rooms”: you see this line must be highlighted.

How to design your office

Lines make one harmony and that harmony makes your space. Always look to combine horizontal and vertical lines. And to design your room into what will always be eye-catching.

No matter how many times you stay or go through that room. These are actually design lines, they are used to attract attention.

Attention: Whenever you have an idea like this in the previous picture. Which is full of color, always make sure that the color of the walls is neutral. If the furniture in this room is multi-colored, then the walls must be white or black or light gray. And that’s it. Important rule.

Best colors for office

After explaining in some way how designers strive to arrange these lines that make the home beautiful. It’s time to start with the colors that are perfect for your office.

The colors of your office may sometimes depend on your mood or the profession you have. Here on my page, you can get some great ideas for your office at home.

Here is some great colors idea for your office.

Picture from:

In this photo you can find some of the most common colors for your office.

What does your office have to have?

Decorating is most important when decorating your home, especially an office. The office I like to often say another living room.

That is why I want to help all my clients and even suggest that they, for example, bring a small item from their residence to their office. Believe me, that’s a very important thing to do first.

The next thing is, of course, plant. Buy some great green flowers or buy great colorful orchid.

How to design your office
How to design your office

Also, what is most important is to put some wonderful works of art on your walls. They don’t have to be famous works, they can also be drawings of your children who helped you, and afterward, you framed them.

Also, if you are a carpet lover then you can buy one for offices. Don’t buy some expensive rugs though, because letting someone drop something leaves the carpet dirty.

Blinds for your windows are ideal if you have an office. You can also buy ribbon curtains or zebra blinds, so make it easier.

How to design your office
How to design your office

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