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How to design your new living room in an English style

Good afternoon my dear readers, and my friends. Today, it’s time to write about English style. And I will write this with a cup of tea, believe me or not. So, my today topic are how to design your new living room in an English style in this year. Sounds great, so lets start.

What do you know about and English style, before you decided to renovate your house?!

English interior has fullness of the wood and textile, massive doors and large windows, cozy carpets and luxurious curtains, wide wooden staircases and fireplaces.

The living room furniture should be made of natural wood. For example, oak, walnut, mahogany, ash, yew. In addition, furniture is especially elegance – graceful legs, elaborate carving, and incrustation.
How to design your new

For me, English style is always royal style, I don’t know, maybe because it’s a kingdom. In these pictures in this style you can see a lot of wooden furniture, and what is especially interesting is that it has a lot of details.

I love when I see colors in the rooms, not one or two but more than three colors that are basic, and only then the other colors come next.

How you can design with these next details your new English home?!

  • For the first you need to buy or find somewhere inside your closet long-tail curtain in some specific colors;
  • Buy on the garage sale some interesting sofa for you or your special guests;
  • Find some interesting carpet with some lords details, I don’t know this sounds very powerful for me;
  • Paint your fireplace if you have in pastel colors: Green, pink or blue.
  • Buy bookshelves, because it doesn’t cost too. Fix it if it lacks some part, and mount it on the wall and put your favorite books there, or maybe it’s better to add some set of cutlery, which in itself has very interesting patterns;
  • Paint your walls white because white is very neutral and very transparent. With white, your living room or other room looks fresh and huge. This is also one small tip if you don’t know how to visually get more space.
  • Don’t forget to buy chandeliers that, in addition to beautiful decoration in themselves, will beautify the space. It will make your day look royal.
How to design your new
Walls in Paint & Paper Library’s ‘Plum Brandy’ set off curtains in ‘Indian Pear’ by Robert Kime in the snug.
Flowers is very important

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