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How to design your living room in two neutral colors

Good morning my friends, it’s time to write about how to design your living room in two neutral colors. Very interesting topic, isn’t it? I love it when you can mix two colors into one room, and get an amazing very great room.

Two colors into your living room

If you want to learn more about a very great pastel color for your house. Only what you need to do is click here.

How to design your living

This color-neutral is phenomenal for your home. Why? Because, when you have this interesting design with these colors is great if you writer or UI designer. I know, when you come back from the hard work day you need a place to charge your “battery”

With this amazing coffee table with Artdeco details. I’m write about Art Deco design, so if you want to learn more about that, please click here.

I know how it looks like when you don’t know what to do. What do you need for your room? When you want to design your room to look more inspired you think maybe it will look like other’s home. Don’t be silly! Be your designer with my extra tips and secret little tricks.

How to design your living
How to design your living

This little vase in light blue colors with little turquoise it’s amazing. Here only what I change is to add some flowers in light rose color. And that’s it!

All pictures is from @interiors_dd

Here is all the amazing, dining room design is amazing and I like it. It’s totally great in this living room. I want to say this all apartment remember me on some great artist home. I know some very successful artists get very similar houses.

Also, I must said if you want to know about my favourite color you can read just a little more here. I’ll put here some great text.

Rosewood also is a lovely color for upholstery fabrics, especially luxe finishes such as velvet. It gives the room a rich look. It speaks of time-honored solidity and dependability.

Let’s see how it looks like this color combination inside the living room. Here a few pictures.

How to design your living

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