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How to design your house in Hamptons style

Hello, my dear friends today I want to talk with you about one very luxurious style. Yeah, it’s very luxury style and you want this inside your home. So, my today topic would be: “How to design your house in Hamptons style” Sounds very interesting.

What is Hamptons style exactly?

Hamptons style interiors are usually light, bright, and whitewashed with a sophisticated yet beachy vibe that comes across. As effortless and calming. Hamptons style interiors are usually bright, light, fresh. Airy with a coastal vibe that makes you feel relaxed from the moment you walk in. 

What colours are typical to Hamptons style?

Whites, neutrals, yellow and green are all common colours to Hamptons style interiors. Interior designers suggests pairing warm neutral colours with coastal blues, or layering various shades of blue, from navy through to baby blue.

How to design your house

What fabrics are typical to the style?

In this style, natural materials are preferred. Such as: wool, cotton, silk and some other natural materials. Focus on texture in the home itself, such as timber and stone. Look for pieces made from timber, leather, linen, cotton and wool.

How to design your house

Why does this style deserve to be used next year, more than ever?

This style has two styles: French style and beach style. Mostly spaciousness prevails white walls. Bright rooms, so when you are there you feel more rested and full of desire to continue working. If I were wondering, I would introduce this Hampton style to offices.

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And as for the exterior, mostly on these houses with this style. Pastel colors predominate on the facades. And in combination with a brown or blue front door. Very, interesting and simple style on the outside. I love this great style.

You can usually find such beautiful houses and styles in some of the following countries and cities. These are: Sydney, Australia, Canada, and California.

This style is mostly missing in our area. So far, in some research, I have seen this style of house and interior in Croatia. And one in Belgrade. But, it would be very interesting if they decorated their home from the inside and not from the outside. Please write in the comments below if you would like to redecorate your house in this style.

How to design your house

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