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How to design your house for a great price in 2020

Good morning my friends, thank you for all these great shares and comments. I love it when my ideas can help you and your buddies. Yesterday, I get an email from a housewife from California. She asked me: I have a great idea for Spring renovation, how I can save some money to makeover the backyard later.  So I decided to write about: How to design your house”

So today I’ll share with you great tips on how you can do it. Just grab your pen and paper then sit in a very comfortable place and read and enjoy.

She explained to me below that she had a desire to paint her house or facade in a different color. To repair the roof and make a sunny room.

Of course, we all know that such renovations especially cost a lot of spring, but it only has a budget of $20,000. We must not forget that with this money she wants to save some money so she can tidy up her yard.

Time for tips!

T1: The repair of the roof and its cost depends on the actual damage to the roof. But if you do good research you can find that you can repair the roof for $7,000, which is a much better price. When you accept this in your budget stay $13.000.

How Much Does It Cost To Install Or Replace A Tile Roof? Typical Range: $7,257. Just, like write $7.000 is the average price. And that’s great, now we are ready for renovation.

design your house
design your house

How do you choose the perfect facade color?

The selection of color is affected not only by the setting but also by the color of the roof, windows and gutters. Just the neutral shades make a perfect basis for the main façade color. You can choose some of my tips colors.

T2: For facade painting, it is enough to be inspired by an idea. You can find great inspirational photos on my blog click here.

Here some great color ideas for facade.

If you live in city this is the best color for your home.

Urban color facade idea

If you live free style, and love all colors this is for you.

Of course these all colors are not just facade colors. You can use some of these combinations to be around the house in addition to the façade color because together they make for a great harmony that gives you freedom.

If you love the elegant style and all that luxury glamour. This color combination is defiantly for you.

All this colors for the best design your house you can find for very great price.

Painting the exterior of your home costs an average of $2,500 (for a 2,400 sq. ft. two-story home), with most homeowners paying between $1,800–$3,200. But, if you paid $3.200 for your spring renovation. Now you have in budget $9.800.


The sunroom is a kind of terrace which is glazed and through which the sun passes, that is, a place where you can relax either alone or with your family and friends. Also, when the sun goes down you watch the stars in the evening. Romantic, isn’t it!

Otherwise, Sunroom prices range from $10,000 to $50,000. Considering our situation where we currently have $9,800 and we have to leave money for landscaped yards, we cannot make a special sunroom.

But that doesn’t mean we’re not going to make a sunroom. We will make, or write an idea for, a better sunroom tip.

T3: Best choice for an idea how to design your house sunroom, we will take a terrace that overlooks the courtyard, and if it is already designed, or already exists, we will glaze it.

Cover the floor and thus complete the insulation so that there will be no flooding or cold during the winter and rainy days, and it will be excellent during the summer.

Picture for best design your windows inside your sunroom
For all information about any size window you can find here.

This size window on this page with all this combination cost per one $90.00 for some terrace you can order 10 widows and all that with mounting cost $1.200. Now, we have $8.600 in the budget.

When we glaze out terrace, now we must install a parquet. But all information about how to install and which one to choose. You can visit my page here.

And see all the best things and very great information about this part. Laminate flooring cost at an average price: $2,352. Now in our budget, we have $6.248 that’s a really great number.

Successfully saved $6.000 dollars!

We are doing an amazing job for this renovation, and we start at $20.000 now we have $6.248. So, all this spring renovation and all this design for your house cost $13.752

Now, this Californian housewife can renovate backyard for $6.248

Now, the California native has $ 6248 in savings. And he can tidy up a lot in his yard.

I hope that somehow I have been able to convey to you how you can save a great sum with some amount of money.

Of course, there is always $ 3000 worth of money left over, some problems during construction.

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