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How to design your home space in autumn colors part 2

Good morning my dear friends, this morning or this day it depends on where you reading my blog. I’ll write about how to design your home space in autumn colors. I know the last article was about autumn and I get amazing comments, and you are asking me for part 2. So, I am here to present my second part. I love it when you comment and ask me for more.

Why we need autumn colors in our home space?

Why? It’s a small question for a huge answer. Look, autumn color is very great if you have a huge apartment and you don’t know what to do with a huge space inside your house or flat. These pastel autumn colors are just for you. This is a solution for your little or small issue!

How to design your home

This is for example a studio flat, where you can see this “fake wall” and this is very popular in the new century. So, as you see here and on more and more designs you can see always three dominant colors. And that’s the rule: 60% one color or light color, 30% second color and 10% is the third color. That’s it.

How to design your home
Pictures is from interiors_dd

How look like when you use this colors in bedrooms?

It looks phenomenal, this is what do you need. If you already have a bed or couch whatever you can buy new covers for your old bed. And if you hate to change every year wall paint, you just need new curtains in light color or screen in a darker color.

Buy several types of blankets for your bed and quilt. And you are ready for better days.

If you like to have some details on the wall you can hang out mirror-like on this picture for e.g. Or you can buy small lamps to get brighter and maybe the romantic atmosphere.

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