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How to design very small bathroom under $500

Hello, my dear friends. Today I’ll write about how you can design your very small bathroom to look very luxurious and very interesting for the eye. I know every one of us loves to see and love to have a luxury bathroom under $500.

What you must know before start designing your bathroom?

The first what you do is grab the blank paper and pen then write what I say. You must know what is your budget before you go to the store to buy all these tiles and all accessories for the bathroom.

If you have a small bathroom you need to know which tiles are best for your bathroom. You can buy some tiles but you don’t have that feel for visual space. It looks the same. Here are a few pictures to explain what you need and how to look when you design your small bathroom.

How to design very small bathroom

Like you see you must choose very bright tiles with a great design on them. In these few pictures, you will show how this design with gold edges and the great color combination looks great.

In these pictures, it’s a 3.5 square ft bathroom. Like I said it’s a very small bathroom.

T1: Combine always three dominant colors. Like this one: White, blue and gold.

T2: Choose tiles under $500 like in this picture. You can find very great marble tiles at a very low price per m2.

T3: If you love bathtubs also you can find in size what you need, and you can buy ceramic or plastic bathtubs. But, also if you don’t like bathtub you can choose to create in size what you need a walk-in shower with tiles, it’s very easy and very nice if you want to spend your budget. And in another country, they called the Turkish bathroom.

design very small bathroom

After I tell you what you need to know I’m ready to show you some great ideas of what you can do with your very small bathroom.

Design a small bathroom, but how?

It’s time to change the Tiles. With wall or floor tiles, you can extend your small bathroom or even reduce it visually if you do not know which tiles to buy.

A little tip: if you want your bathroom to look more spacious, cheesy, and beautiful. Buy tile that looks like marble.

You can choose gray and white because with them you are expanding your bathroom. Click here for the more great idea.


  1. Taupe
  2. Soft Gray
  3. Bright White
  4. Charcoal
  5. Light Blue
  6. Light Green
  7. Creamy White
  8. Pistachio
  9. Cerulean Blue

Selecting the perfect bathroom paint color ideas can be tricky.  Like any neutral, it can wash out a room, but get it right in your bathroom design and you’ll see why grey is the color trend of the decade.  Click here for more.

design very small bathroom
Picture from Interiors_dd

Here like you see you can add a washing machine inside your small bathroom. If you just buy a little smaller size your machine. This is a very interesting storage size inside this 3.5 square ft bathroom.

Here is other idea for your very small bathroom:

In this darker variant idea for a small room, if you love darker colors. This is a great tip for you. You just need very fresh details in yellow, gold, and white color. And that’s it, now you have a very nice luxury bathroom under $1000.

Conclusion: All you need it’s just a pen or screenshot of this post and go on with your bathroom design! Click here, leave a comment if you like these tips.


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